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Dr. Jon Arensen Presents, “The Murle of South Sudan: Surviving in a time of war”

The Murle are a cattle-loving people living in the flood plains of South Sudan. Their total population numbers about 148,000. Jon and Barb Arensen lived with the Murle from 1976 to 1984 and eventually helped complete the translation of the New Testament in 1996. In the process, pastors were educated and over 60 churches were […]

Renovated Mahler lounge now open

There is a new place on campus to study, snack, and refresh! Don’t miss the dedication next week (TBA).  Thank you to all of the WA volunteers, the design team, and the ILC administration who created such a wonderful new community space.

Best GIAL photos of 2014

Check out these photos from 2014. It was an exciting year at GIAL with the launch of our BA program!  You may recognize a few faces.

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