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Mother Tongue Education in East Timor

The head of GIAL’s Applied Anthropology Department, Steve Walter, will be traveling to Thailand in June to present on his work on Mother Tongue Education in East Timor. Abstract: The new country of East Timor has a small population, but its people speak 20 different local languages and 3 “foreign” languages – Bahasa Indonesia, Portuguese, […]

Drawing Connections to English through Mother-Tongue Literacy

GIAL Academic Forum Thursday, May 26, 12:20-1:15, “Brown Bag Lunch” Mahler 7  GIAL Megacourse Literacy Students “The Karen/Karenni Project in Dallas:  Drawing Connections to English through Mother-Tongue Literacy” In an experimental program to help illiterate Burmese refugees in the Dallas area learn to read English, the Megacourse students developed a Roman script orthography for these […]

Arts & Orality journal volume published

The International Council of Ethnodoxologists (ICE), one of the partners of the Center for Excellence in World Arts, has collaborated with the International Orality Network in producing a volume of the Orality Journal focused exclusively on the use of ethnoarts in oral contexts. Contributions from the GIAL community include articles by Wendy Atkins (student), Geinene […]

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