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Spring Picnic 2016

The Spring picnic was a hit! Check out the video below for pictures from the event. The GIAL Student Body Association holds a campus-wide picnic twice a year. It’s a great time for students to take a break from homework and relax with friends, faculty and staff.    

Wendish proverbs

GIAL Associate Professor and proverb buff, Pete Unseth, spoke about Wendish proverbs to the Texas Wendish Heritage Society on May 15. He showed examples of Wendish proverbs as short poems and even a tongue twister. He showed how their proverbs reflected life in their traditional setting, but also showed how their proverbs may have been […]

Mother Tongue Education in East Timor

The head of GIAL’s Applied Anthropology Department, Steve Walter, will be traveling to Thailand in June to present on his work on Mother Tongue Education in East Timor. Abstract: The new country of East Timor has a small population, but its people speak 20 different local languages and 3 “foreign” languages – Bahasa Indonesia, Portuguese, […]

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