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 “More on Arapesh Noun Classes” by Bob Conrad, GIAL & SIL There has been a claim that noun classes in Arapesh can be best described phonologically. However, this presentation will present evidence that they can be best described semantically. The presentation will include pictures of Margaret Meade in the Arapesh area many years ago. Meet […]

Launch Party May 14, 2015

The Center for Excellence in World  Arts invites you to a Launch Party and Ribbon Cutting at 7:00 on May 14, 2015. They are celebrating their new location, Building C3, Suite 300 at the International Linguistics Center located at 7500 West Camp Wisdom Rd., Dallas. IziBongo, world worship band, will be presenting and a short […]

Academic Forum – May 14

Is the Indonesian passive still a passive when the agent phrase is a clitic pronoun? Dr. Paul Kroeger, GIAL and SIL Thursday, May 14, 12:20-1:15, “Brown Bag Lunch” Mahler 7 The Malay/Indonesian verbal prefix di-is generally analyzed as a marker of Passive Voice. Some have claimed that this is not the case when the agent is […]

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