Alumni Office

Alumni are an invaluable part of GIAL’s future. Without your intercession and support GIAL will not remain the strong, committed institution it is today.  Former students are considered alumni, whether they graduated or not.

We like to keep current with our alumni, so email us (alumni@gial.edu) any changes in your contact information: 

  • Full Name
  • Spouse Name
  • Most recent year at GIAL
  • Current residence
  • E-mail Address
  • Job (Position/Title/Description)
  • Additional studies
  • May we include information about you in our publications and GIALumni Newsletter?
  • Items for news or intercession           

Stay Connected:

  • The GIALumi Newsletter is a bi-monthly e-newsletter. If you are not currently receiving the GIALumni Newsletter and wish to, contact Allison Pyle at alumni@gial.edu
  • Share information about yourself with other alumni and friends of GIAL. Let us know if you have a new address, have recently married, have a new baby, need someone to pray for you… or want to share some news with your classmates (send an update online or contact us - alumni@gial.edu).
  • Become More Involved in GIAL by attending special events. When in Dallas, visit the campus, faculty, and staff. We'd love to see you and talk with you.

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