Board of Trustees

Dennis R. Morrow, PhD


Denny Morrow is the President of Renewal Associates, LLP, an executive coaching firm in Minnesota.  However, most of his career has been in education, having served as Principal of four schools, including Hong Kong International School; and Superintendent of Schools in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota.  In addition, he served as a […]
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Mari Thornburg, MBA

Vice Chair

Mari Thornburg has spent her entire career in health care. As founder and partner in Posada Consulting, she works with Medical Schools all over the country assisting them with strategy, leadership, financial performance and clinical delivery. Mari grew up in Toronto, Canada. As the daughter of immigrant parents, her first […]
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David Harrell


David is passionate about serving GIAL as it prepares students to serve across cultures in the areas of translation, language development, literacy and the arts. He is a graduate of Baylor University and spent most of his career managing computing infrastructure for Fidelity Investments. David and his wife Becky live […]
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Jennie Malouf Gilchrist

Jennie Malouf Gilchrist has been a long-time supporter of GIAL and organized the very successful fundraiser at the home of Lisa and Kenny Troutt in April, 2013. She has been an active member of the Sending the Light Campaign Committee for GIAL. She is a graduate of the University of […]
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George Kenworthy, PhD, EdD

George Kenworthy is a Spiritual Formation and Outreach Pastor in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota. George and his family lived in Mongolia for ten years where he was an international relief worker and community development leader.  Their work included building a school and clinic which all ultimately became Mongolian-led. George was named […]
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J. Stephen Quakenbush, PhD

Dr. Stephen Quakenbush serves with SIL International as Global Scripture Access Director.  Before this assignment, he was the Academic Services Director for SIL International.  Since 2010, Dr. Quakenbush has been a board member of the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics (GIAL) in Dallas, Texas.  In addition, he has served as Director […]
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Ronald Tschetter, DHL

Dr. Ronald Tschetter serves on GIAL’s board, drawing from his wide expanse of experience both academically and in volunteer service overseas. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Bethel University in psychology and social studies. After graduating, he traveled around Europe, Israel, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon. Later he served with the […]
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