Distance Education Course Development
GIAL is always looking for new and innovative ways to meet the needs of our students. In order to assist workers in the field, GIAL has begun to offer courses via Distance Education. Once students begin their work on the field they often discover a need for further education. Through Distance Education courses, students are able to receive the additional education they need while on the field, instead of waiting until they return on furlough, which could be several years. Distance Education also presents the exciting opportunity for students to put their newly acquired knowledge into immediate practice in their assignments.

In order to offer the same high-quality courses as those available on campus, a program director is needed to oversee the development of the Distance Education program. As with any new program, there are multiple startup costs. One of those costs is development of new courses. Each Distance Education course costs about $2,500 to develop. There are currently six distance education courses offered. GIAL desires to add two to four new Distance Education courses each year.

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