Special Collections Display Case
GIAL has a small but growing collection of antiquities and other special items. Among these items are
  • an early 16th century Latin Vulgate Bible
  • an Erasmus Greek/Latin diglot New Testament dated from 1661
  • an early translator’s inter-gospel parallel passage aid from 1943
  • an 18th century North African sheepskin Torah scroll (valued at $70,000)
  • a Deuteronomy Torah scroll
Currently, many of these items are sitting in a room in boxes. A few of the items are in a display but need to be covered in order to protect them from destructive light. GIAL would like to have all these treasures on display to share with others. In order to protect these historical documents, secure, fire-resistant, UV filtering and climate controlled display cases are needed. Kosher Torah scroll displays are $3,000 each and book display cases are $7,350 each. Two of each type are needed.
(image left) An 18th century North African Deuteronomy scroll is stored in this white cardboard box.
(Image above)
This rare 1512 Latin Vulgate Bible is currently stored in a cardboard box.

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