Student Aid
The tuition and fees to complete the initial certificate and an MA with a Bible translation concentration is $26,000 over two years. The majority of our students minister cross-culturally in the fields of Bible translation, Literacy, Language Development or World Arts. Since many of these students go into full-time ministry our goal has been to give student-aid that covers about 50% of these costs. For the 2012-13 school year we were only able to offer student-aid to meet 15% of the tuition and fees. The added financial burden that these scholarships would usually alleviate means that students may finish their education with debt and cannot get to the field as quickly as needed. Your donation helps turn dreams of a GIAL education and cross culture ministry into a reality for our students. Your donation impacts students now, locally as well as impacting people globally into the future.

Unsure how much to give or what impact your gift will have?

  • $32 is the cost of one class for one day for a graduate student
  • $160 covers the cost of one class for a graduate student for a week
  • $630 provides half of the cost of a three credit hour graduate course
  • $1260 is the cost of the average graduate course
  • $3250 provides a 50% tuition scholarship for a graduate student for one term
“Because of your support, I was able to take a reasonable load of courses this semester and am more excited than ever about a future in Bible translation. I am thoroughly enjoying my classes, and am very thankful to be able to give them the time and attention they deserve, something that would not be possible if I were under a greater financial burden. I am eager to use this training for God’s kingdom, and your support along the way is definitely an answer to prayer!”

“I’m so thankful for the people giving to make it possible for us all to attend classes. That is what the body of Christ is all about, isn’t it? Helping each other so that we can make an impact for eternity. I’m very thankful for the part others have played to allow me to seek what the Lord has for me. Thank you!”

“As we continue on this journey to a people hungry for God’s word overseas, the fruit from your gift will continue to increase. Thank you for your display of worship in giving!”
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