World Arts Equipment
In the World Arts MA program, we train our students to meet a community and research its arts; to apply that knowledge in sparking new works of Scripture-infused arts which meet the needs of the community and the church. Our students assist the community in evaluating, celebrating and integrating these new works into sustainable traditions.

To excel in these tasks, our students must have training in a wide range of recording and editing equipment. For example, portable audio and video recorders play key roles for creating arts ethnographies, for analyzing artistic systems, and for cultural documentation. In addition, studio audio and video gear is crucial for learning to produce products that celebrate the newly-created artistic works and make distribution possible.

To be adequately prepared for all facets of the job, a student arts specialist must be trained in techniques of microphone placement, digital recorder use, video framing, mixing, editing, and data management. It is essential to occasionally replace our high-tech recorders, which see heavy use in the program. It is equally important to have a wide array of microphones for demonstrating their characteristics and potential use in different field situations. Finally, as we look towards integrating production-oriented learning objectives into our program, students will need studio-oriented mixers and workstations to experience rendering final products into output formats which keep up with the changing pace of media technology.

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