Mission Statement


GIAL Mission Statement

The mission of the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, as an institution of higher education, is to provide training and research opportunities leading to degrees in applied linguistics, culture studies, and development of languages.

GIAL Expanded Mission

In fulfilling its mission, GIAL considers the following to be important ingredients:

  • Graduates of GIAL degree programs will have acquired skills to learn another language and culture effectively.
  • Graduates of GIAL degree programs will be equipped to participate with ethnic and linguistic communities in the accomplishment of language and culture related goals.
  • Graduates of GIAL degree programs will have basic skills necessary to pass on knowledge and skills they have learned at GIAL to others in a cross-cultural environment.

Students who complete GIAL graduate programs will have attained a level of professional competence at the graduate level, allowing them to participate actively in scholarly activity and/or professional service in their area of study.