According to a 2010 Pew Forum survey 60% of the population of Muslim-majority countries is under age 30. This compares to about 30% of the western nations’ population (http:// A major challenge for outreach is to reach this burgeoning group with the gospel. Christopher, a new student at GIAL, has a passion for reaching Muslim youth.

It is not yet clear to Chris exactly where or how God wants to use him, but he knows that developing his gifts, talents, and interests will prepare him for God’s calling. These gifts, talents, and interests include:
  • Musical ability. Chris is currently using this talent as a worship leader for GIAL chapels.
  • An interest in social media technology (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) which he believes God will use in significant ways.
  • Being a prayer warrior. Chris spent four years after college working with the International House of Prayer in Kansas City and knows the value of prayer first-hand.
  • The Muslim world. As an undergraduate with a major in Inter-cultural studies, Chris read through the Qur’an.
  • Linguistics. His interest in linguistics brought Chris to GIAL where he is beginning an MA in Applied Linguistics.
While not currently connected with a sending agency or focused on a specific country, Chris is committed to being prepared to serve God. God may want him serving with a mission or working in an academic environment. But wherever God leads, Chris intends to be prepared to effectively reach out with the good news of the gospel. Pray for Chris, and students like him, as they prepare to serve the Lord.