“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” Psalm 119:105(NIV)
Living in the woods of Massachusetts away from the comforts of city life offered ‘listening time’ for Rebecca’s parents. While Rebecca enjoyed the light of kerosene lamps and candles, her parents responded to light God was shedding on their path as He called them to relocate to Israel and build a new life there.

Rebecca was five when they moved to Jerusalem. She attended public school where classes were taught in Hebrew. Her family chose to continue speaking English while at home, so Rebecca is fluent in both languages. She can see God gently leading through a wide variety of experiences as He directs her path through life.

After graduating from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Rebecca taught Hebrew to a group of mother-tongue translators in Nigeria. She witnessed their dedication to Bible translation, their love of God, and their thirst for Hebrew. Rebecca realized she possesses a special God-given ability to assist translators with the language and culture of the Old Testament. God is calling her to go to the places where translators work, since traveling to Israel to study Hebrew is not always an option for them. God is shedding light on Rebecca’s future path. She will be a roving teacher of Hebrew.

Rebecca searched the internet for a place to learn linguistics and translation so she would be better equipped to assist Bible translators. God illuminated the path for Rebecca to study at GIAL. This June she will complete her MA in Applied Linguistics with a Bible translation concentration. She will offer unique skills to assist translators who need to understand Hebrew vocabulary and grammar patterns in preparation for translating the Old Testament. She hopes to not only teach Hebrew, but also to bring an understanding of Israel’s culture as she assists with Bible translation.

GIAL has met Rebecca’s expectations. She believes she is now equipped to assist in Bible Translation—wherever that path may lead. After graduating from GIAL, Rebecca plans to return to Israel, using it as a home base for ministry.

Pray for Rebecca and all GIAL students who are preparing to spread the light at one location, or throughout the world.