Why Give to GIAL?

For those interested in giving to Christian organizations, there is no shortage of opportunities to give.
It is a fair and honest question to ask why you should give to GIAL. In making this decision please know
that GIAL is more than just…

…education for the gain of personal advancement. GIAL is training the next generation of workers in the areas of Bible translation, language development, literacy and world arts. Our graduates receive exemplary education that is also applicable and realistic in solving the real world problems of illiteracy, poverty, and human suffering.

…solving today’s problems.  GIAL’s mission is rooted in an eternal hope, the hope that only comes when people have a Bible in their own heart language, and can read, understand and apply it. Our graduates' work makes a difference in people’s lives which will last long after they are gone. This makes us an institution that has real purpose and real meaning. 

…brick and mortar. GIAL’s faculty have earned Doctorates in their field of study, but more importantly have all served overseas. Our alumni are serving in over 70 countries around the world. Our students establish lifelong relationships that will benefit them long after their education at GIAL is over.

GIAL, as an institution of higher education, is committed to provide every student who needs financial aid, tuition assistance so that upon graduation they can immediately begin serving. Your faithful giving enables us to do that.

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