GIAL provides upper level undergraduate and graduate level training in international service, Islamic studies, world arts, language & culture studies, linguistics, and multicultural teamwork. Our linguistic program is a modularized, integrated learning experience for committed students interested in the study of little known languages around the world, interacting with speakers of minority languages, translating and developing written works in applied linguistics.

GIAL is a Continuing Education Provider for the State of Texas.  Educators are invited to consider professional, graduate-level CPE training at the International Linguistics Center in Dallas, Texas.

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GIAL offers BA and MA programs along with several specialized certificate programs.  Visit our Degrees & Programs  page to learn more.



Browse our courses and descriptions to get a taste of what GIAL offers.  Be sure to keep an eye on our list of New course offerings, too.  GIAL also offers a selection of Online courses and we are adding more each year.



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Visit our faculty profile pages to get a taste of the experience and expertise they bring to the classroom. With almost 500 years of combined field experience, our faculty are some of the best in their field.