Abraham Center
The Abraham Center at GIAL has been a work in progress since 2010. What began as just four courses on Islam is now developing into a self-standing department, and is broadening its scope to include all three of the Abrahamic faiths: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
The Abraham Center is designed to provide training and research opportunities for students so that they can pursue scholarly and professional activities in Abrahamic faith communities.
Abraham Center courses are featured in two new concentrations: the Concentration in Islamic Worldviews in the MA in Language and Culture Studies, and the Concentration in Arts & Islam in the MA in World Arts.

NEW Course AC/AL Theology of Translation Spring 2015
  • AA5310 Core components of Islam
  • AA5312 Islam in the 21st Century
  • AA5314 Modern Islamic Religious and Political Movements
  • AA5316 Contextualization Issues Among Muslim Peoples
  • AA5318 Understanding the Qur'an
There are no prerequisites for these courses; however it is recommended that the Core Components in Islam course be taken first.
Coming soon
There are plans to offer courses in Comparative Abrahamic Studies, a Certificate program in Islamic Studies, and eventually a Masters degree, including Arabic study at the MA and BA levels (anticipated 2015), so that graduates are equipped to live and serve in Abrahamic context cultures. For further information contact Abraham_Center@gial.edu or 972-708-7340 x8657.

Abrahm Center Faculty

Mark Harlan, Ph. D., Fuller Graduate School of Intercultural Studies
Kurt Anders Richardson, D.Th., University of Basel

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