Academic Calendar 2014-2015 (for PDF click here)

You may also view the 2015-2016 calendar (PDF)

To view the 5-year projected Academic Calendar click here.

 Fall Term  -  2014
Jul 21 & 22Orientation and Registration – Session 1
Jul 23Session 1 Classes Begin
Aug 19Summer Session & Session1 End (last class day)
Aug 18 and 19Orientation and Registration – Session 2
Aug 20Faculty/Staff In-Service
Aug 21Last Day to Apply for Graduation and Comprehensive Exam
Aug 21Session 2 Classes Begin
Aug 22SBA Fall Social
Sep 1Labor Day (no classes)
Opens Sep 1 Pre-registration for Spring Term
Sep 18Session 2 Ends (last class day)
Sep 19Orientation and Registration – Session 3
Sep 19-21No Homework Weekend (Picnic on 20th)
Sep 20-26Homecoming
Sep 22Session 3 Classes Begin
Oct 17Session 3 Ends (last class day)
Oct 20Orientation and Registration - Session 4
Oct 21Session 4 Classes Begin
Nov 11Day of Prayer
Nov 22Comprehensive Exam
Nov 26-30Thanksgiving Recess
Dec 11Final Thesis Submittal
Dec 19Session 4 Ends (last class day)
 Spring Term  -  2015
Jan 5 and 6Orientation and Registration – Session 1
Jan 7Session 1 Classes Begin
Jan 19Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (no classes)
Feb 4Session 1 Ends (last class day)
Feb 5Faculty/Staff In-Service
Feb 6Orientation and Registration – Session 2
Feb 9Last Day to Apply for Graduation and Comprehensive Exam
Feb 9Session 2 Classes Begin
Feb 13SBA Spring Social
Feb 19GIAL Afternoon of Prayer
Mar 1Pre-registration for Fall Term
Mar 6Session 2 Ends (last class day)
Mar 9Orientation and Registration – Session 3
Mar 10Session 3 Classes Begin
Apr 3-6Easter Recess (no classes)
Apr 8Session 3 Ends (last class day)
Apr 8Orientation and Registration – Session 4
Apr 9Session 4 Classes Begin
May 1-3No Homework Weekend (May 2, picnic)
May 16Comprehensive Exams
May 25Memorial Day (no classes)
May 28Final Thesis Submittal
June 4Session 4 Ends (last class day)
June 4Commencement
 Summer Term  -  2015
Mar 1Pre-registration for Summer
May 20Deadline for Summer Registration
May 26Summer Term Begins
August 18Summer Term Ends

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