Arts for a Better Future
Virtually all communities have artistic resources that could be drawn on in new ways that would result in a better future. This seminar is designed to train arts advocates: people who can help a community recognize, value, and plan to use their own arts to meet needs and goals. The training team will use participatory methods with attendees. This will include group discussions, accomplishing actual research and co-creation activities, individual reflection, and application to contexts they know.
After engaging in this seminar, participants will be able to
  • Guide a community through an overview of all seven steps of the Create Local Arts Together (CLAT) process
  • Consult with members of a community as the community plans to draw on their artistic resources in working toward a better future
  • Contribute to a community’s plans as appropriate, especially if their relationship with the community is ongoing
Schedule for the on-campus part of the course:
* The course starts with a welcome dinner at 6PM, June 7, followed by an evening session.
* Monday through Friday: Training runs from 9 to 12 mornings and 2 to 5 in the afternoons
* Depart on Friday evening (June 12), or Saturday morning, (June 13)

The training content of ABF flows from Brian Schrag’s Creating Local Arts Together: A Manual to Help Communities Reach their Kingdom Goals (William Carey Library, 2013). This Manual is a companion text to a larger volume, Worship and Mission for the Global Church: an Ethnodoxology Handbook. The Handbook contains foundational articles, global stories, practical tools, a condensed (50-page) version of the Manual, and a DVD with videos, extra articles and other media. Although the Manual is the primary text for ABF, both these volumes and the DVD are highly recommended for participants. For more details, see
Credit and non-credit options
If you don’t need credit for this course, you are welcome to take it as a workshop through our partnership with the International Council of Ethnodoxologists (ICE). See for details on the workshop option.