College of International Studies (IS)

It is the mission of the CIS Department to develop competent professionals for international service through training and service learning opportunities in cross-cultural studies, world arts, linguistics, TESOL, and any other international service specializations developed by or assigned to the department for implementation.

New Spring 2016 Minor/Certificate in TESOL  and IS3356 Introduction to Orality and Storying.

Degree Program

BA in International Service

GIAL offers junior and senior level undergraduate courses for a BA in International Service. Students major in International Service and choose at least one minor.
Minors: Cross-cultural Service, Linguistics, World Arts, and Minor/Certificate in TESOL


The College of International Studies offers a variety of courses for degree requirements and electives.  Courses offered are all at the Junior and Senior level as students are expected to have already completed 54 credits of undergraduate study prior to attending GIAL.

Degree Minors

The degree program minors for the GIAL degree program reflect the desire of students for some specialized education as part of their undergraduate experience.

The following are the requirements for the Cross-Cultural Service minor.

Course Hours
IS4361 Cross-Cultural Communication 3
Select four Cross-Cultural courses not taken in the major: 12
AA4350 Language & Society (3 hours) IS3364 Theory and Reality of Development (3 hours) IS3352 Globalization (3 hours) AA3325 Missiology (3 hours) AA4387 Training Across Cultures (3 hours)
One elective 3
Total hours for the Cross-Cultural Service minor  18

The following are the requirements for the Linguistics minor. Please note that linguistics minor students will not take AL4304 Introduction to Language Structure (3 credit hours) from the degree core but will take an additional elective instead.

Course Hours
AL4302 Principles of Articulatory and Acoustic Phonetics 3
AL4303 Principles of Phonological Analysis 3
AL4410a Principles of Grammatical Analysis (a) AL4410b Principles of Grammatical Analysis (b) 4
AA4350 Language & Society 3
AL4406 Field Methods and Linguistic Analysis 4
AL4207 Field Data Management 2
Total hours for the Linguistics minor  19

The following are the requirements for the World Arts minor.

Course Hours
WA3381 Arts for a Better Future 3
WA3384 Theory and Practice of Ethnodoxology 3
WA3386 World Arts Practicum 3
WA4322 Video Production and Editing 3
WA4382 Survey of World Arts 3
WA4387 Area Studies for World Arts 3
Total hours for the World Arts minor  18

The following are the requirements for the Certificate in TESOL minor.

Course Hours
AA4370 Cultural Anthropology 3
IS3370 TESOL: Fundamentals and Methods of TESOL 3
IS3371 TESOL: Curriculum and Program Design 3
IS4372 TESOL: Reading and Writing 3
IS4373 TESOL: Speaking and Listening 3
AA4387 Training Across Cultures 3
Total hours for the Certificate in TESOL minor  18

College of International Studies Faculty

Shelley_Ashdown 2

Shelley G. Ashdown, Assistant Professor

College of International Studies, Department Head
D.Miss., Biola University, 2001; M.A., Assemblies of God Graduate School, 1980; B.A., Southern California College, 1978.
Field work: Kenya
Languages spoken: Thai, Maa


Andy Eatough, Instructor

College of International Studies
M.A., University of California at Santa Cruz, 1991; B.A., Fresno State University, 1989.
Field work: East Asia
Languages spoken: Chinese, Nuosu, Spanish, Thai

CJ Searsy, Instructor

College of International Studies
M.A., University of Texas at Arlington, 1998; B.A., Dallas Baptist University, 1992.
Field work: East Asia
Languages spoken: Mandarin


Jack Shoemaker, Assistant Professor

College of International Studies, Applied Anthropology
Ph.D., Southern Methodist University, 2012; M.A., Southern Methodist University, 2008; B.A., Azusa Pacific University, 1980.
Field work: Uganda
Languages spoken: Spanish, Ese Ejja, Swahili, Ma'di, Portuguese