Course List BA-IS
Courses are offered in both the Spring and Fall terms unless otherwise specified as "Spring" only, "Fall" only or "TBA" (To Be Announced).

The prefix of the course numbers represents the department offering that course.  The first numeral in the course number represents the level of the course, “3xxx” and "4xxx" being  undergraduate and “5xxx” being graduate-level.  The second numeral in the course number represents the number of term-hours credit granted for that course.

CourseCourse NameTerm
IS3311Research WritingFALL
IS3326Partnership for Transformational DevelopmentFALL
IS3351Dynamics of Cross-Cultural ServiceFALL
IS3364Theory and Reality of DevelopmentSPRING
WA3384Spirituality and the ArtsFALL
WA3386World Arts PracticumSPRING
AA4202Audio and Video Techniques for FieldworkersTBA
AC4315OT SurveyFALL
AC4316NT SurveyFALL
AC4317World ReligionsSPRING
IS4320Cross-Cultural ExperienceSUMMER
IS4321Cross-Cultural InternshipFALL
WA4322Video Production and EditingTBA
AC4341Arabic IFALL
AA4350Language and SocietyFALL/SPRING
IS4361Cross-Cultural CommunicationSPRING
AA4370Cultural AnthropologyFALL/SPRING
AA4372Political, Social, and Economic SystemsSPRING
WA3381Arts for a Better FutureSPRING
WA4382Survey of World ArtsFALL
WA4387Area Studies for World ArtsSPRING
AA4505Second Language and Culture AcquisitionFALL/SPRING
AL4207Field Data ManagementFALL/SPRING
AL4302Principles of Articulatory and Acoustic PhoneticsFALL/SPRING
AL4303Principles of Phonological AnalysisFALL/SPRING
AL4304Introduction to Language StructureFALL/SRPING
AL4406Field Methods and Linguistic AnalysisFALL/SPRING
AL4410aPrinciples of Grammatical Analysis (a)FALL/SPRING
AL4410bPrinciples of Grammatical Analysis (b)FALL/SPRING
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