GIALens: Electronic Notes Series

GIAL Electronic Notes Series is an online serial publication of the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics.

The series includes papers on language and culture from a broad range of academic disciplines such as linguistics, sociolinguistics, anthropology, semantics, translation, literacy, language learning,and field methodology.

Series Publication Timeline

The GIAL Electronic Notes Series is normally published three times per year. There may be special theme-based issues as appropriate. Suggestions of suitable themes, and contributions to such issues, will be considered by the editor.


The views expressed in documents served by this site do not reflect the views of the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics nor any departments contained therein.  Views are the sole property of the respective authors.

Editorial Information

Editor: Steve_Parker@gial.edu

Please send editorial correspondence to:
Dr. Steve Parker, Editor
Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics
7500 W. Camp Wisdom Road, Pike 108
Dallas, TX 75236   U.S.A.

Editorial Board
Dr. David Ross, President
Dr. Doug Tiffin, Dean of Academic Affairs
Dr. Michael Boutin, Chair, Applied Linguistics Department
Dr. Steve Walter, Chair, Applied Anthropology Department

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