Master of Arts

Concentration in Arts and Scripture Engagement
Note: To complete this course of study in three terms of full-time study, the student should begin in the spring.

Specialization options: (9 hours)

Two from among these arts Analysis options:    
    AA5357 Oral Tradition and Literature    
    AA5385 Song Transcription & Analysis    
    AL5312 Discourse Analysis    
    AA5389 Exploration of Artistic Form    

One from among these arts Application options:    
     AA5381 Arts for a Better Future     
     AA5343 Principles of Multilingual Ed.    
     AA5364 Theories & Practices in Community Development    
     AL5316 Theory & Practice of Translation    
     AA5333 Principles of Literacy    
     AA5353 Language Dev. and Planning    
     AC5316 Contextualization Issues Among Muslim Peoples    
  Concentration in Arts & Scripture Engagement: (12 hrs)
      AA5355 Scripture Engagement Strategy and Methods    
      AA5356 Current Issues in Scripture Engagement    
      AA5375 Culture Change & Minority Cultures     
     Choose one:*
        AA5383 Arts & Trauma Healing
        AA5373 Religion & Worldview
        AA5374 Christianity Across Cultures   
    *These three courses may also serve as application options.    
    Total MA in World Arts hours    36