Online Course Offerings

Online courses are not self-paced but require students to meet deadlines for assignments and activities.

DE COURSE WARNING: Due to state authorization requirements, students residing in AL, AR, KS, MA, MN, NV, RI, or TN, are not allowed enrollment in online courses at GIAL.

For information or to enroll in a Distance Education course at GIAL contact the Admissions department.

Current Distance Education courses offered through GIALOnline:

SUMMER 2014:

AA4320  - Cross-Cultural Experience (In conjunction with an agency)

  - Language and Society (online)**

(May 23 - August 18)

  - Cultural Anthropology (online)**

(May 23 - August 18)
Intensive on campus courses such as AA3381/AA5381  - Arts for a Better Future
              (majority of instruction on-campus June 13-18, 2014 with an online component)

              (May 23 - August 18) Undergraduate and Graduate levels

**(Subject to minimum number of students)

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Fall 2014:

  -  Scripture Engagement Strategy and Methods (online)
(Aug. 21-Dec. 19)
AL5398  -  Seminar in AL: Intro to Bible Translator’s Asst.
(Sept. 22-Dec. 19)
AA5321  -  Multicultural Teamwork
(Sept. 22-Dec. 19)

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