Online Course Offerings

For information or to enroll in a Distance Education course at GIAL contact the Admissions department.

Current Distance Education courses offered through GIALOnline:

SUMMER 2014:

AA4320  - Cross-Cultural Experience (In conjunction with an agency)

  - Language and Society (online)**

(May 23 - August 18)

  - Cultural Anthropology (online)**

(May 23 - August 18)

AA4381/AA5381  - Arts for a Better Future
              (blended course: mostly online with on-campus instruction June 13-18, 2014)

              (May 23 - August 18) Undergraduate and Graduate levels

**(Subject to minimum number of students)

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Fall 2014:

  -  Scripture Engagement Strategy and Methods (online)
(Aug. 21-Dec. 19)
AL5398  -  Seminar in AL: Intro to Bible Translator’s Asst.
(Sept. 22-Dec. 19)
AA5321  -  Multicultural Teamwork
(Sept. 22-Dec. 19)

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