GIAL Special Electronic Publications

GIAL is pleased to offer electronic publications to the academic community in areas related to its academic offerings. These special publications are larger, stand-alone documents.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in documents served by this site do not necessarily reflect the views of the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics nor any departments contained therein. Views are the sole property of the respective authors.

Karl J. Franklin: Loosen Your Tongue: An introduction to Storytelling.
(New version 2010)

Robert Guy McKee: Lynchings in modern Kenya and inequitable access to basic resources: A major human rights scandal and one contributing cause

Steve Parker: Lecture Notes and Other Handouts for Introductory Phonology: A Course Packet

Steve Parker: Handouts for Advanced Phonology: A Course Packet

Steve Parker 2002 dissertation: Quantifying the Sonority Hierarchy
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