Student Theses

GIAL students culminate the course of study for a masters degree by writing comprehensive examinations or a thesis. This is a list of the theses presented by GIAL students:

Nurhidayah, Wa Ode Nahla
A Religious Conflict in Indonesia: A Case Study of Maluku

Grasso, Kevin
A Semantic Analysis of the Biblical Hebrew Verbal System in Prophetic Literature

Walters, Josiah K.
A Grammar Sketch of Dazaga

Costello, Rachael A.
Aspect and Mood in Jicaltepec Mixtec
Donet, Charles M.
The Importance of Verb Salience in the Followability of Lezgi Oral Narratives
Glennon, John J.
Syntactic Ergativity in Nehan
Pluger, Christopher J.
Translating New Testament proverb-like sayings in the style of Nsenga proverbs
Yoder, Zachariah A.
The Reliability of Recorded Text Test Scores

Pennington, Ryan
Ma Manda Phonology

Ashley, Karen C.
Semantics of Sa’a Transitive Suffixes and Thematic Consonants
Lee, Sung-Woo
Eastern Tamang Grammar Sketch
Lovestrand, Joseph
The Linguistic Structure of Baraïn (Chadic)
Magin, Edward Harry, Jr.
Northern Kurdish Poetic Features with an Application to Translation
McLaughlin, Carey Elizabeth
A Salience Scheme for Hmong Soud: Types of Foreground and Background Information in Narrative Discourse
Melick, Christina M.
Tone in the Mbelime Verb System
Pate, David R.
Second Position Clitics and Subordinate tfe Clauses in Pashto
Unseth, Carla
A Review of Basic Oral Language Documentation (BOLD) Methodology Based on a Phonological Sketch of Laari
Wood, Joyce K.
Valence-increasing Strategies in Urim Syntax

Kim, Young Mee
Development of a National Literacy Assessment Instrument for Cross-linguistic Use in Nepal.
Nicoleti, Elizabeth
Substrate influence on body-part idioms in Crioulo of Guinea-Bissau.

Augustin, Maryanne
Selected Features of Syntax and Information Structure in Lika.
Chang, Debbie
TAPS: Checklist for Responsible Archiving of Digital Language Resources.
Little, Christopher C
The Wordhood and Structure of Particle Verbs in German.
Merrifield, Judith Thomas
Yao’an Lolo Grammar Sketch.
Stone, Roger
An Automated Template Approach to Morphology and Syntax Description for Ayta Abellen (using FLEx and PAWS).

Bell, Evan Robert
The Wisdom of Tajiks: An analysis of Tajik Proverbs.
Conklin, Sean
Cultural Themes Present in Traditional lranan Oral Narratives.
Jordan, Linda Christine
A study of Shara and Related Ometo Speech Varieties of Ethiopia.
Wright, Jonathan Michael
Hkongso Grammar Sketch.

Bequette, Rebecca Lee Elaine
Participant Reference, Deixis, and Anaphora in Bunong Narrative Discourse.
Chiong, Democrito
Development of a Scripture Use Model for Negrito groups in Northeastern Luzon, Philippines.
Federwitz, David M.
Local Ownership in a Language Development Program: Will it Lead to Sustainable Use of Scripture?
McEvoy, Steve
Grammar of Narrative Discourse in Migabac, a Papuan (non-Austronesian) Language.
Stapleton, Erik John
The Ncfe New Testament: Demonstrating the Need for a New Translation.


Griffis, Michael Paul
An Examination of Criteria for the Allocation of Human Resources to Missiological and Language Development Projects.
Hatcher, R.Timothy
Towards Culturally Appropriate Adult Education Methodologies for the Central Asian Context, A Comparison of Central Asian and Western Education Practices.
Isaac, Kendall Mark
Participant Reference in Tunen Narrative Discourse.
Keating, Cristine
A Cross-Linguistic Overview of Bilabial Trills.
Matthews, Thomas G.
Implicit Information in Target Language Context.
Thomas, Amanda
“Walk in the Light of the Lord”: the conceptual metaphor LIFE IS A JOURNEY in preexilic prophetic writings.

Harris, Petrina A.
Someone Feels Something Good: A Natural Semantic Metalanguage Approach to Defining Burmese Positive Emotions.
Johnson, Joel A.
Diffusion of Innovation: Introducing Mother Tongue Literacy.
Rueck, Michael J.
Social Network Analysis Applied to Language Planning in the Morehead District, Papua New Guinea.
Shreve, Mark D.
The Cognitive Implications of Literacy Acquisition.
Troolin, David Eric
Conceptual Blending in Millenial Movements: An Application of Conceptual Blending Theory to Case Studies.

Chamberlain, Bradford Lynn
The Kengkha Orthography: Developing a Language in Tibetan Scriptal Environment.
Dennis, Margaret Lynn
Issues in Old Testament Translation in Latin America Addressing the Bible Background Deficit.
Megahan, Michael Larry
An Informal Grammar Sketch of Samburu, Including a Description of Some Narrative Discourse Features.
Reutter, Amy
A Semantic Structure Analysis of the Higher Levels of Hosea.
Young, Harlan W.
A Textlinguistic Approach to Exegesis of Genesis 1:1-2:4.

Boulden, Laura E.
An Application of Conceptual Framework Theory to Inter-language Issues in Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition.
Chen, Christina Lynn
The CREATE Method: Participatory Literacy for Adult Learners.
Fine, Cathryn
Extendibility on Bouyei Orthography Design: a Multilectual Approach.
Heise, Jennifer Lynn
Participant Reference and Tracking in San Francisco Ozolotepec Zapotec.
Huttar, Lars Andrew
Constituent Charting for Discourse Analysis: Information Model and Presentation Model.

Albright, Eric Scott
Design of an Electronic Method for Describing Writing Systems.
Lackey, Jan Louise
Determining Key Factors Affecting Scripture Use.