Financial Aid


Graduate Student Financial Aid
Many graduate level students receive financial aid for their entire program at GIAL.  There is just one financial aid application for both work study and scholarship opportunities but the application deadline is early.  Financial Aid applications are due by April 1 for the fall term and October 1 for the spring term.  Audited courses do not quality for financial aid. Check out GIAL’s financial aid guidelines for more information.
If in addition to scholarships you wish to be considered for a work study assignment at GIAL, please also fill out the Inclination to Accept Work Study Position form indicating your intent.

FAQs on Financial Aid at GIAL
GIAL Financial Aid Guidelines
GIAL Financial Aid Application

Inclination to Accept Work Study Assignment

Undergraduate Student Financial Aid
There are no GIAL-provided scholarships for undergraduate level students, but there are work study opportunities on campus for students who would otherwise qualify for GIAL financial aid   If you will be seeking a work study position at GIAL, please fill out both the financial aid application and the Inclination to Accept Work Study Assignment. The deadline for these forms is about a month before each term begins --July 1 for fall terms and December 15 for spring terms. 

GIAL Financial Aid Application

Inclination to Accept Work Study Assignment

Veterans Benefits

The Veterans Administration has approved GIAL to accept students who qualify for assistance under the GI Bill.  If you are a Veteran, first of all, we honor you for your devotion to our country and offer you our sincere thanks for your service.  If you desire to further your education in linguistics, Bible Translation, and related disciplines, you can take advantage of the VA benefits available to you as you pursue your educational goals at GIAL. You may get more information by contacting MarySue Tiffin, VA Certifying Officer for GIAL at marysue_tiffin@gial.edu or contact Admissions at 800-892-3356. Single point of contact for grievances,  David Harrell, 972-708-7400 x2155 or David_Harrell@gial.edu .

GIAL Status with the U.S. Department of Education

The US Department of Education has designated GIAL as an eligible institution for federal student aid (FSA). As a result, students attending GIAL may receive deferments on FSA program loans and be eligible for the Lifetime Learning Scholarship tax credit on their federal taxes. Although GIAL is designated an “eligible” institution, with the benefits cited above, it is not currently certified to participate in FSA programs like direct or campus-based loans or Federal Work-Study. GIAL does not currently offer federal scholarships or student loans.

Non-GIAL Scholarship Resources

Many scholarships are available through sources that are not related to GIAL. This document provides a list of potential scholarships. Students are invited to investigate these opportunities for themselves. GIAL does its best to keep this list updated, but does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the information found at any of the links. This listing is provided for information purposes only. Inclusion does not constitute endorsement.

Non-GIAL Scholarship Resources


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