Health Insurance Requirement
GIAL General Policy #221 states, “Students enrolled in on-campus courses at GIAL are required to carry health insurance for themselves and their immediate families during their time of study at GIAL, and must show proof of coverage at the time of registration.” 

In order to facilitate selection of a student health insurance plan for yourself and/or your family, here is a list of reasonably-priced student health insurance providers.

Health Insurance policies for international visitors who will be certified by GIAL for an F or J visa during their studies here, must meet minimum standards. International students on a visa should identify themselves as international students when signing up for a U.S.-based health insurance policy online. See International Student Health Insurance

1. Good Neighbor Insurance, Inc. provides insurance to expatriate workers such as missionaries. You can find them online at gninsurance.com. Note: this company uses the term "international insurance" to refer to Americans who are traveling outside the US. If you are coming to the US as an international student, you can find information on their website: www.gninsurance.com/students-non-us.asp

2. Student Insurance, Inc.  www.studentinsuranceinc.com, phone: 866-931-9670.

3. www.missionaryhealth.net.  Email contact is Mark@isabrokers.com.

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