International Student Health Insurance

All GIAL students enrolled in on-campus courses  are required to carry health insurance for themselves and their immediate families during their time of study at GIAL, and must show proof of coverage before arriving on campus.

F-1 visa students are not required to carry health insurance under U.S. immigration law, BUT the GIAL requirement (above) supersedes the F-1 regulations.

J-1 visa professors/researchers/students are required to have health insurance and that insurance must meet minimum standards, as  listed in the table below.

Visit the Student Health Insurance page for a short list of U.S.-based health insurance providers suggested to U.S. students. These companies also carry policies for international students coming to the U.S.  International students should identify themselves as “international” in order to view health coverage appropriate to their situation.

Students may choose to acquire heath insurance from an insurance provider other than the ones GIAL suggests. An internet search for “International Student Insurance in U.S.” or “Student Health Insurance in U.S.” should turn up several among which to choose. To compare multiple health student policies, go to


Minimum Standards for Insurance Coverage

Major Medical Coverage $100,000
Medical Evacuation $50,000
Repatriation of Remains $25,000
Deductible per Accident/Illness $500

Minimum Policy Rating

(Must Comply With One)

A.M. Best, rating of “A-” or above
Insurance Solvency International, Ltd., rating of “A-” or above
Standard and Poor’s, rating of “A-” or above
Weiss Research, Inc., rating of “B+” or above


Please contact the GIAL International Student Office by telephone at 972-708-7573 or by email at