Next Steps for International Students

Congratulations and welcome to GIAL! We look forward to meeting you. Be sure visit our Next Steps page for post-admission requirements for all students. There are also a few extra post-admission requirements for International Students who will be taking classes on campus. Be sure to contact our admissions team or our International Student Coordinator with any questions.

International Student Orientation

International Student Orientation takes place on the 2nd Friday after your classes begin. Check with the International Student (ISC) or Admissions office personnel for more details once you have arrived on campus. Their offices are located in the Pike building, room 113.

Present Immigration Documents

Present immigration documents either before or during International Student Orientation. The International Student Center personnel (ISC—Pike building, room 113) need copies of:

Your Visa: Your visa should be stamped inside your passport

I-94 document: Go to on the web and follow directions to download your I-94 Admissions (to U.S.) document. Bring a printed copy with you to your International Student Orientation session.

If applicable, DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status

Submit to a Tuberculin skin test or x-ray

During the International Student Orientation session, you will be provided with a form for certification of a negative test for presence of  tuberculosis (TB)  after you arrive at GIAL. If you need the form ahead of time, please stop by the Admissions Office, Pike building room 113, when you arrive on campus to ask for a form. This form needs to be filled out and signed by medical personnel at the health clinic on campus and returned to the Admissions Office by the end of your 4the week of classes.


During your first week in the US, we ask that you make an appointment at the clinic on campus to be tested for the presence of tuberculin bacteria (TB). If the test is negative (no significant presence of mycobacterium tuberculosis), then you can turn in the form and continue to attend classes. If the test is positive (obvious presence of mycobacterium tuberculosis), then by Texas law, you must undergo treatment and will not be allowed to attend classes until a doctor and/or health worker clears you to return to school.


If you live in an area of the world where tuberculosis is prevalent, we advise that you get tested before you come to the U.S.  If your TB test is positive (significant presence of the TB bacteria), you will then  have time to be treated for TB so that you are free of TB when you arrive in the US.


For information on TB from the World Health Organization go to:; US:

"Travel Deposit"

Deposit with the GIAL Business office an amount determined to be sufficient to cover transportation (usual one-way air fare) home for yourself and any accompanying family members who came with you to the U.S. in case of emergency. The unused portion of this deposited amount will be returned to you at the end of your current time at GIAL.