Returning Students

If you are interested in returning to studies at GIAL (either on-campus or online), we look forward to welcoming you back!  First, please request a “ready for re-entry” review from the Admissions Office.

1. Contact Admissions

Contact Admissions to let them know your intention to return and which session you will resume classes.  You do not need to fill out an admissions application but there may be other paperwork required.  You should also take a moment to login to Campus Cafe and update your address, contact information, etc.

2. Apply for financial aid

Financial Aid does not carry over from previous time at GIAL if you have been absent for a full term (Fall or Spring).  Visit our Financial Aid pages for more information.  Remember the financial aid deadlines come early!

3. Log in to GIAL Online to complete any missing acceptance paperwork

Forms can be easily downloaded and submitted in our course titled Preregistration Requirements.  You should have already received an email with all your GIAL Online login information.  If you have trouble logging in, don’t know your username and password, or don’t see the Preregistration Requirements course after logging in, be sure to contact Admissions.  You will also see a course titled DistEd 101. This is a tutorial course on how to complete activities in GIAL Online such as uploading assignments and participating in forums.

4. Put your GIAL Orientation dates on your calendar

Only returning students who have been away for more than 2 academic years must complete Orientation. Visit our Orientation page for orientation dates, schedule, and more.

5. Contact your Academic Advisor

Returning students will need to have an advisor approve their schedule prior to completion of registration.  Click to learn how to contact your academic advisor.

6. Register for classes

Visit our Registration page for information on how to register for classes.  Registration is completed online using Campus Café.

7. Purchase Textbooks

Be sure to purchase your textbooks before classes start.

What texbooks I do need?
Where can I buy textbooks?

If you have any other questions, contact admissions.

8. Attend Orientation

Welcome back! We look forward to seeing you on-campus for orientation!  If you are only intending to take online courses, no on-campus orientation is required.

Admissions forms for Students returning after a leave of absence

You may not be required to submit all forms listed below. Log in to GIAL Online for an easy way to download and submit forms though our Preregistration Requirements course.  

Form NumberNameLast Modified
3120-28cAcknowledgement of receipt of B. meningitis information 05-29-2014
3120.26cAffirmation of Health Insurance Coverage 05-11-2015
3120-27dBacterial Meningitis Information 08-26-2015
3120-21dChecklist for acceptance packet forms - onsite students 11-18-2014
3120-24cConfirmation of Intent to Enroll 04-10-2018
3120-25cStudent Bio 11-18-2014