BA with Major in International Service


The BA with a major in International Service provides foundational training for language and culture learning.  Students are equipped with the basic skills and attitudes needed for entry level service to others across language and culture barriers.

The program includes language learning, cross-cultural preparation, communications, development of a biblical worldview and a choice of minor (linguistics, world arts, cross-cultural service or teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) ). Most students interested in this program should apply for Undergraduate Admission status at GIAL. If you have previously enrolled at GIAL, you may need to change your admission status to qualify.

Upon completion of this degree students will:

  1. Have the skills to implement a personal self-directed language learning program.
  2. Have moderate proficiency in a foreign language.
  3. Be able to apply independent analysis and critical thinking skills especially to the challenges of international service.
  4. Have a knowledge of the skills and attitudes necessary to serve across cultural boundaries.
  5. Be able to effectively and properly communicate ideas and concepts in both oral and written forms.
  6. Understand the ingredients of a ‘worldview’ and have begun developing a personal worldview that integrates religious faith, intellectual curiosity, global awareness, and an attitude of service.

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts degree with major in International Service at GIAL is a 121 minimum undergraduate semester hour (ush) degree (122 ush for Linguistics Minors).

BA with Major in International Service Hours
General Education (completed prior to attending GIAL) 54
Degree Core requirements (International Service major) 49
Minor requirements (Linguistics*, World Arts, or Cross-Cultural Service)  18
Total hours 121*

*Students completing the linguistics minor (19 hours) will take 122 total hours for the degree.

Degree Core

Each Student will complete 49 credit hours of degree core requirements for their major in International Service.  Topics include language learning, cross-cultural preparation, communication, and worldview.

Degree Core Course Requirements Hours
Language Learning: 17
AL4304 Introduction to Language Structure* (3 hours) *Linguistics minors will replace this course with an elective
AA4505 Second Language & Culture Acquisition (5 hours)
Foreign Language: 3 courses (9 hours)
Cross-Cultural Preparation: 15
IS3351 Dynamics of Cross-Cultural Service (3 hours)
AA4370 Cultural Anthropology (3 hours)
AA4372 Political and Social Systems (3 hours)
Select 1 course from the courses below: (3 hours)
AA4350 Language & Society IS3364 Theory and Reality of Development IS3352 Globalization IS3325 Missiology AA4387 Training Across Cultures
Select 1 course from the courses below*: (3 hours)
IS4320 Cross-Cultural Experience Trip IS4321 Cross-Cultural Internship * An approved degree program cannot contain both IS4320 and IS4321.
Communication: 5
WA4202 Audio and Video Techniques for Fieldworkers (2 hours)
IS3311 Research Writing (3 hours)
Development of a Worldview: 12
AC4315 Old Testament Survey (3 hours)
AC4316 New Testament Survey (3 hours)
Select 1 course from the courses below: (3 hours)
AC4317 World Religions IS4350 Dynamics of Religious Experience
Elective (3 hours)
Total Degree Core hours 49


Each student will major in International Service and choose one of the following minors.

The following are the requirements for the Cross-Cultural Service minor.

Course Hours
IS4361 Cross-Cultural Communication 3
Select four Cross-Cultural courses not taken in the major: 12
AA4350 Language & Society (3 hours) IS3364 Theory and Reality of Development (3 hours) IS3352 Globalization (3 hours) IS3325 Missiology (3 hours) AA4387 Training Across Cultures (3 hours)
One elective 3
Total hours for the Cross-Cultural Service minor  18
View a sample plan for this minor.

The following are the requirements for the Linguistics minor. Please note that linguistics minor students will not take AL4304 Introduction to Language Structure (3 credit hours) from the degree core but will take an additional elective instead.

Course Hours
AL4302 Principles of Articulatory and Acoustic Phonetics 3
AL4303 Principles of Phonological Analysis 3
AL4410a Principles of Grammatical Analysis (a) AL4410b Principles of Grammatical Analysis (b) 4
AA4350 Language & Society 3
AL4406 Field Methods and Linguistic Analysis 4
AL4207 Field Data Management 2
Total hours for the Linguistics minor  19
View a sample plan for this minor.

The following are the requirements for the World Arts minor.

Course Hours
WA3380 Introduction to Ethnodoxology 3
WA3381 Arts for a Better Future 3
WA3386 World Arts Practicum 3
WA4322 Video Production and Editing 3
WA4382 Survey of World Arts 3
WA4387 Area Studies for World Arts 3
Total hours for the World Arts minor  18

View a sample plan for this minor.

The following are the requirements for the Certificate in TESOL minor.

Course Hours
AA4370 Cultural Anthropology 3
IS3370 TESOL: Fundamentals and Methods of TESOL 3
IS3371 TESOL: Curriculum and Program Design 3
IS4372 TESOL: Reading and Writing 3
IS4373 TESOL: Speaking and Listening 3
AA4387 Training Across Cultures 3
Total hours for the Certificate in TESOL minor  18

View a sample plan for this minor.