WA5385 Song Transcription and Analysis

Course Summary

After completing this course, students will be able to employ a variety of methodologies for the transcription and analysis of musical features of song, i.e., vocal music. Emphasis will be placed upon developing the student’s capacity to recognize the salient musical features of a song in any world music tradition, and describe its features graphically, textually, and orally. Toward that end, students will (1) examine readings from select ethnomusicological literature on musical transcription and analysis and (2) transcribe, analyze, and describe songs from several of the world’s diverse song traditions.

Course Details

Level: Graduate
Credit hours: 3
Term(s) course is offered: Spring
Prerequisites: (1) Six semester hours of college level (western) music theory (or its equivalent) (2) WA5384 Expressive Form Analysis (or its equivalent)

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