AA 5323 - Multicultural Leadership 
(FALL) (3 graduate credits)
Today’s world increasingly calls for leadership that is able to function effectively in multi-cultural contexts. More and more Church-related structures, NGO’s, businesses and mission agencies are becoming international in make-up and orientation, making multi-cultural leadership skills mandatory. This course explores the implications multi-cultural settings have for leadership, specifically the impact cultural values, beliefs and world views have on leadership definitions, leadership styles, communications, authority and accountability dynamics, decision-making procedures, conflict management and ethics. Attention is given to Biblical input for faith-based organizations in wrestling with the multicultural arena as well as dealing with practical cultural expressions which often reflect conflicting assumptions and allegiances. Suggestions are made for constructive responses to a variety of multi-cultural issues. A student who has taken this course and its prerequisites will be able to lead people who are working together from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Prerequisites: AA4370 Cultural Anthropology and AA4350 Language and Society.