AA5344 Comparative International Education

Course Summary

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: (a) identify and explain varying philosophies of education in today’s world; (b) explain the inter-relationship between educational policy and national aspirations; (c) explain the inter-relationship between educational policy and social objectives; (d) describe and compare, in a general way, educational outcomes among the countries of the world; (e) discuss and explain in detail the inter-relationship between linguistic diversity, educational outcomes, and educational policy; (f) discuss knowledgeably competing theories on improving educational outcomes; (g) discuss knowledgeably the problems of achieving universal primary education; (h) discuss knowledgeably the cost-benefit problem affecting educational choice in developing countries; (i) discuss the procedures and methodologies which underlie research in comparative international education.

Course Details

Level: Graduate
Credit hours: 3
Term(s) course is offered: TBD

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