AA5934 Literacy Megacourse

Course Summary

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: (a) explain in detail the profile of illiteracy in the world today; (b) explain in detail the inter-relationship between illiteracy, poverty, politics and environment; (c) develop an appropriate writing system for an unwritten language; (d) explain the factors that go into orthography design; (e) describe strategies for testing and evaluating orthography proposals; (f) explain the major theories of reading and the history of their evolution; (g) explain and teach the principles of adult education; (h) explain, describe and critique three different instructional strategies for teaching reading; (i) design instructional materials from any one of three different strategies for teaching reading; (j) design a complete literacy program; (k) explain alternative strategies for designing and managing a literacy program; (l) evaluate the need for external funding in a literacy program; (m) write a funding proposal for a literacy program; (n) identify and describe the major movements and trends in literacy; (o) identify the major “players” in the field of adult literacy; (p) explain the major issues involved in developing a multilingual education program; (q) identify the major literature on adult literacy; (r) explain, with examples, change processes in traditional communities; (s) design teacher training protocols for adult literacy programs; (t) design testing protocols for reading materials; (u) develop instructional materials for transitional literacy programs; (v) use the LinguaLinks Electronic Performance Support system; (w) do detailed costing for a literacy program; (x) organize and direct a writer’s workshop; (y) explain the need for post-literacy materials and how to develop them.

Note: Students should also be aware that there will be some scheduled activities outside normal class hours and to check for prerequisites of the required prerequisites listed below.

Course Details

Level: Graduate
Credit hours: 9
Term(s) course is offered: Spring
Prerequisites: AA4350 Language and Society, AL4303 Principles of Phonological Analysis, and AL4410a & b Principles of Grammatical Analysis or AA4350 Language and Society and AL4304 Introduction to Language Structure

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