AL4410 - Principles of Grammatical Analysis
(a) (2 undergraduate credits)                                                                               
By the end of Session 1 (AL4410a), students will be able to identify morphemes within a word, identify syntactic constituents and grammatical relations within a sentence, and determine syntactic categories (parts of speech) for both words and phrases. They will be able to describe phrase and sentence patterns using phrase structure rules, and use standard terminology to describe case, agreement, and tense/aspect/modality systems.

(b) (2 undergraduate credits)
By the end of Session 3 (AL4410b), students will be able to distinguish between inflectional and derivational morphemes, identify passives and other valence-changing constructions, describe various kinds of subordinate clauses, and identify and describe various “special” sentence types: questions, commands, verbless clauses, etc. They will also be able to deal with allomorphy, non-linear morphology, and clitics.

Prerequisite: AL4410a Principles of Grammatical Analysis (a)