AL5190 - Thesis Writing
(1 graduate credit)
Techniques and skill development for researching and writing a thesis. It is strongly recommended for all students writing a thesis at the masters level in either the applied linguistics or applied anthropology. Students completing this course will be able to describe different kinds of knowledge and ways of knowing and how each is acquired; distinguish between quantitative and qualitative research and the uses, advantages and disadvantages of each; describe word style sheets and use a thesis template to enforce the required style sheet; identify common parts of a research paper/thesis and what is included in each part; describe and implement the proposal writing process; identify ethical perspectives and implications for research; and identify problem areas in technical writing and critical thinking.

NOTE: This course is graded P/F. Completion of this course will count as one hour of thesis credit but will not trigger the requirement for continuing registration.

Prerequisite: Completion of at least 5 graduate courses.