Giving Opportunities

Your gift to GIAL will make a difference in the lives of our students and those they serve for generations to come. We invite you to review the giving opportunities below and join us in equipping workers to cross language and cultural boundaries with the gospel.

Assist Students

Student Aid – Your gift helps students graduate without debt and begin impacting lives around the world.

Student Assistant to the Chaplain – Your gift provides a student with the opportunity to gain experience helping to facilitate the Chaplain program at GIAL.

Student Research Assistant– Your gift allows mentoring by a professor as he/she develops cutting edge materials.

Choir Materials– Your gift provides materials for the GIAL Choir, an extra-curricular activity for students.

Enable Recruiting

Recruiting Conferences – Your gift helps GIAL have a presence at large conferences aimed at those interested in cross-cultural service.

Recruiting Trip – Your gift allows a recruiting tour of high school fairs to promote the BA program.

Publicity Materials – Your gift helps GIAL spread the word about our various programs.

New Recruiting Banner – Your gift helps GIAL to purchase recruiting banners for recruiting events.

Laptops – Your gift helps GIAL recruiters share information with prospective students more effectively.

Support Infrastructure

Library Subscriptions – Your gift helps defray the cost of maintaining subscriptions to linguistic journals.

Center for Excellence in World Arts – Your gift supports the Center for Excellence in World Arts at GIAL.

Computers – Your gift helps provide new computers and monitors for GIAL’s computer lab.