Student Spotlights

Shadrack Kakui

Shadrack Kakui came to GIAL to get training in linguistics and translation. He plans to use his training to continue to honor his commitment to serve a people group that is largely unreached – the deaf. Shadrack would like to share with you the story of how God is working through him to reach the deaf community in Kenya.

Josh Samuels

For Josh Samuels, the road to GIAL has been full of twists and turns. However, he has sensed God’s leading each and every step of the way. Although Josh does not know exactly where the Lord will take him from here, he continues to trust that God will faithfully guide him to his future ministry in church-planting and Bible translation.

Pedro Delaplane

Pedro Delaplane has come to GIAL after completing two years of undergraduate studies in Florida. He plans to complete his BA through the College of International Studies as part of the exciting new TESOL program. We rejoice to see students follow God’s leading to GIAL. It is even more thrilling to see them use their training in diverse ways around the world to make inroads for the Gospel.

Anne Southwood

Anne has come to GIAL from Australia to prepare to be an exegetical consultant. It is exciting to see how God has been preparing her for the part she will have in the huge task of translating His word into minority languages. The way Anne sees it, “everybody knows different things. This is the part that I can do. This is the part I can contribute to translation.”


At the age of 13 Hannah went with her family to visit relatives in Ghana. While her uncle was showing them a school campus, he suggested that they also visit the nearby SIL regional office. Hannah was amazed by what she heard and saw there. The experience “totally tugged at my heart.”