Center for Excellence in World Arts

CEWA is a collaborative space where…

  • ethnomusicology and arts trainers team up with resource developers, preparing the next generation of Christian arts advocates for Kingdom impact;
  • resources for arts in ministry are developed and taught through innovative courses, conferences, and artistic events;
  • multiple organizations gather to work toward a future in which all cultures will use all of their artistic gifts to extend the kingdom of God.

GIAL World Arts, SIL Ethnomusicology & Arts, and the International Council of Ethnodoxologists (ICE) are working together to create this future. We need your help!

We are looking for Kingdom investors who share our vision and will help to provide:

  • adequate office space for our burgeoning faculty and staff
  • a large classroom dedicated to classes requiring space for performances, drama and dance rehearsals, and group work at tables for large classes.
  • an outside shaded deck for networking, hospitality, and gatherings.

The program’s costs for the coming year (2016-2017) are just $21,500. Will you consider a gift to ensure adequate space for the Center for Excellence in World Arts?


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Program Statistics

260% growth in Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) student numbers from 2011-2015

11 CEWA faculty members represent:

258 – combined years of missionary service

32 – foreign countries of service

17 – foreign languages learned fluently

17 – MA degrees

6 – PhDs