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B.A., Geography,  Trinity Western College, Langley, BC, Canada, 1982
M.A.,  Linguistics, University of Texas at Arlington, 1994
Two year course in Pashto language, Area Study Centre: Russia and Central Asia, Peshawar University, Peshawar, Pakistan, 1999-2001
Research Interests:
Historical linguistics; Southwest and Central Asian linguistics; Biblical studies; Bible translation; Biblical languages and cultures
Field Work: Southwest Asia
Sociolinguistic survey of languages of northern Pakistan, 1988-1991.
Urdu studies, 1988, 2007.
Wakhi language research, analysis, and documentation, Northern Pakistan, summers of 1999, 2000, 2001, 2008.  Conducted Wakhi language writer's workshop and helped develop Wakhi primer, summer 2008.
Assistant trainer in linguistics and translation at Kitaab o Qalam and Institute of Applied Linguistics, Karachi, Pakistan, 2007-2008.
Published and Unpublished Works:
1992. "Balti", "Burushaski", "Wakhi", and "Domaaki". In Sociolinguistic Survey of Northern Pakistan, Volume 2: Languages of Northern Areas. Islamabad: National Institute of Pakistan Studies and Summer Institute of Linguistics.
1993. Review of Bilingual Education and Language Maintenance: A Southern Peruvian Quechua Case, by Nancy H. Hornberger. In Notes on Literacy, Vol. 19.1, Ronald J. Anderson (ed). Dallas: Summer Institute of Linguistics.
1994. "A phonological reconstruction of Proto-Western Tibetan." Unpublished thesis. University of Texas at Arlington.
2003. Phonetics course curriculum.  For use at Frontier Language Institute, Peshawar, Pakistan.  Unpublished.
2004. Phonetics course supplement.  With face diagrams and example words for each sound taken from Urdu and other Pakistani languages.  Unpublished.
Etymological Dictionary of Wakhi (ed.)  Translated from Russian by Ian Hutchings and David Wilkinson.  Original author: Ivan Steblin-Kamensky (St. Petersburg State University: 1999).  Unpublished.
2009.  Wakhi Phonology sketch (unpublished)
2009.  Wakhi Grammar sketch (unpublished)
Wakhi Primer (Unfinished)
Pudkan (ed.).  Wakhi stories, poems, and proverbs.  (Unfinished)
Courses and Workshops Taught:
Articulatory Phonetics
    -Texas Summer Institute of Linguistics (and University of  Texas at Arlington), 1993-95
    -Canada Institute of Linguistics (Trinity Western University), 1993, 1996
    -Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, Dallas, Texas, Fall 2004, Spring 2012 to the present.
Phonetics and Phonology
    -University of Texas at Arlington and Texas Summer Institute of Linguistics, 1995-96
Wakhi Language Alphabet Workshop
   -Gulmit, Pakistan, August, 2000
Scripture Impact workshop (as assistant, in Urdu):
   -Kitaab o Qalam, Ratanabad, Pakistan, February 2007
Introduction to the Bible and Bible Translation
   -Karachi, Pakistan, December 2007
Semantics (as assistant, in Urdu):
   -Institute of Applied Linguistics, Karachi, Pakistan, April-May 2008
Wakhi Language Writer’s Workshop
   -Gulmit, Pakistan, August, 2008
Second Language and Culture Acquisition (Assistant Instructor)
    -Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, Dallas, Texas, Fall 2009, Spring 2010
Field Methods in Linguistics (Assistant Instructor)
    -Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, Dallas, Texas, Fall 2009, Spring 2010, Spring 2012
Theory & Practice of Translation (Assistant Instructor)
    -Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, Dallas, Texas, Fall 2012
Introduction to Language Structures (Assistant Instructor)
    -Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, Dallas, Texas, Spring 2013
English (native), Urdu, Wakhi, Spanish, Pashto
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