Sunny EunSun Hong
1983 BA in Library Science, SookMyung Women’s University, Seoul Korea
1987 MA in Information Science, University of Maryland
2001 MA in Intercultural Studies, Biola University
2014 Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies, Biola University
1985-1994: Computer programmer analyst, Bell Atlantic Company in Maryland, USA
1994-2005: Director of the Korean Office, Wycliffe USA
2006-2009: Mobilization Consultant, Wycliffe Asia/Pacific Area Office
2010-current: Anthropologist, SIL Asia Area.
Academic Teaching Experiences
2010: Lecturer of cultural anthropology, Payap University in Thailand
2013: Lecturer of multicultural teamwork, GIAL (Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics), Dallas, TX
2014: Lecturer of cultural anthropology, Arilac (Asian Research Institute of Language and Culture), Handong University in Korea
Leading workshops and seminars
2007: Co-lecturer of MSEAG Multicultural team workshop in Thailand
2010: Co-lecturer of Multicultural team workshop at Tokyo 2010 in Japan
2011: Lecturer of multicultural team workshop for Monsoon (Wycliffe Asia Area Communications Department) team in Thailand
2012: Leading a panel about “Barriers for ethnic minority candidates in North America missions” at the MissioNexus Personnel Conference. Richmond, Virginia
2012: Leading a seminar “Multicultural leadership in missions”, MissioNexus Personnel Conference, Richmond, Virginia
2012 – 2014: Guest speaker of “Multicultural team issues” for Intercultural Communication Training by Jarrs
2013: Lecturer of cultural anthropology, Language and Culture Institute, Philippines
2013:Leading “Multicultural team workshop”, SIL Malaysia branch, Sabah, Malaysia
Academic Paper Presentations
2011: “Missions in “E-urban”: Reflections on how computer technology has impacted missions today by creating “E-urban”. EMS (Evangelical Missiological Society) South West.  
2013: “Jesus, seeker of the out-group: Understanding redemption through an Asian perspective.” ETS (Evangelical Theological Society)
2014: “The 'dark side' of diaspora missions: On-field challenges for Korean-American diaspora missionaries.” EMS Southwest.
Academic Paper Publications
2011: “Global Leadership in Missions: Reflections on the Issues Facing a Global Leader in a Multicultural Mission Organization” EMS annual volume.
2012: Book Review. Sheryl Silzer’s  “Biblical Multicultural Teams.”  William Carey International University Online Journal.
2012: “Cross-cultural mentoring: A brief comparison of Individualistic and Collectivistic Cultures” William Carey International University Online Journal.
2014: “Caring for the parents of missionaries: A case study of Global Bible Translators” EMS annual volume.
Short article publication
June, 2012. Management Insights (Wycliffe’s internal e-journal). “How do you set goals?:A reflection on cultural differences.”
Jan. 2013. Nangot (Global Bible Translator’s newsletter). “Do you have nunchi (6th sense)?”