Carol Haupt McKinney, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Language Development



Southern Methodist University

1985, Ph.D. Anthropology
Dissertation title: “The Bajju of Central Nigeria: A Case Study of Religious and Social Change”
1985, M.A. in Anthropology

University of Michigan

1961. MA Linguistics

University of Oklahoma

1959, 1960. Summer Institute of Linguistics.

Biblical Seminary (now named New York Theological Seminary)

1958-59. Religious Education

University of California at Los Angeles

1954-58 BA Anthropology

Glendale Community College, Glendale, CA

1956, 1957 (Sum) Chemistry, English

Professional Experience


Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, Dallas, Texas
Dallas, TX 1999 - Present

Associate Professor
Courses Taught
     LD4370 Cultural Anthropology
     LD5340 Ethnographic Research Methods
     LD5373 Religion and Worldview (with Fran Popovitch)
     LD5374 Christianity Across Cultures
     LD5377 Area Studies: Sub-Saharan Africa
     LD5379 Sustainable Development and the Role of Change Agents

University of Texas at Arlington
1976-1982, 1986-99

Adjunct Assistant Professor
1986-99: Sub-Saharan African Ethnology, Cultural Anthropology, Field Perspectives on Cultural Anthropology. Conferences courses: Anthropological Field Methods, Akan of Ghana, Nilo-Saharan Linguistics with emphasis on Kalinjen, Medical Anthropology
Linguistics and Anthropology
1980, '82: Teaching Assistant, Seminar on Sub-Saharan Africa
1978-79: Teaching Assistant, Linguistic Field Methods
1976-77: Teaching Assistant, Phonetics

University of Texas at Dallas

1986: Instructor, Culture Region: Africa

Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA

1995: Instructor, Tutorial "The Translator in the Translation Context,"
      for Christeena Alaichamy.

Southern Methodist University

1982: Research Assistant, Birth Weights Project - rural Benin
1980-81: Teaching Assistant, Cultural Anthropology

University of Oregon
1987, '88, '90, '91

1987, 88, 90, 91 Instructor, Department of Linguistics (Anthropological Perspectives for Field Linguists)

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria

1983-84 Research Associate, Department of Sociology

University of Michigan

1960-61: Teaching Assistant, Phonetics
1964: Teaching Assistant, English Language Institute (English Pronunciation to Japanese students)

University of Oklahoma
1961, '62, '72

1961, 62, 72 (Sum.) Teaching Assistant, Summer Institute of Linguistics (Phonetics and Phonology)

SIL International
Dallas, TX 1959 - Present

1992 As a SIL International Anthropology Consultant I attended and consulted at an SIL Africa Area Anthropology Consultants Training Seminar, and helped edit five anthropology papers from Sudan, held at Limuru and Nairobi, Kenya (3 1/2 weeks)

1983-84 Dissertation fieldwork, Nigeria, West Africa

1980 Linguistic research on Tyap phonology (5 weeks)

1967-76 Linguistic and Anthropological fieldwork on the Bajju (Kaje) together with my husband, Dr. Norris McKinney, in Nigeria, West Africa (October 1967, June 1971, June 1972-June 1976), which resulted in linguistic analyses, anthropological analyses, literacy materials, and a translation of the New Testament into Jju.

Publications and Monographs

Papers Presented


1996“The Continuity of Ethnic Tensions in Kaduna State, Nigeria,” Presented at the meetings of the American Anthropological Association, San Francisco, CA, November 1996.
1995“Oral Traditions: A Key to Understanding the Community,” presented at the meetings of the American Anthropological Association, Washington, DC, November 1995. Presented on a panel I organized and chaired on “Understanding the Community in Fieldwork: Individual Scholars to Team Research.”
1994“Worldview Reflected in Bajju Proverbs,” (revised paper from the LASSO meetings), co-authored with Norris P. McKinney, presented at the meetings of the American Anthropological Association, Altanta, GA, December 1994.
1993“Worldview as Reflected in Bajju Proverbs,” co-authored with Norris P. McKinney, presented at the meetings of the Linguistic Society of the Southwest, Arlington, TX, October, 1993.
1992Member of panel on the “Contributions of Anthropology to Missions in the '90s,” presented at the meetings of the Evangelical Missiological Society, San Francisco, November 1992.
1992“Persistence of Belief in Supernatural Power Among Bajju Christians,” presented at the meetings of the American Anthropological Association, San Francisco, CA, December 1992.
1992“Bajju Conversion to Christianity,” presented at the Africa Area Anthropology Consultants Training Seminar, Breckenhurst, Kenya, July 1992.
1989“Bajju Christian Conversion,” presented at the meetings of the American Anthropological Association, Washington, DC, November 1989.
1988“Church and Mission Sponsored Development in Southern Zaria, Nigeria,” presented at the meetings of the American Anthropological Association, Phoenix, AZ, November 1988.
1987“Wives and Sisters, Bajju Marital Patterns,” presented at the meetings of the American Anthropological Association, Chicago, IL, November 1987.
1977“Plural Verb Roots in Kaje,” presented at the 8th Conference on African Linguistics, ULCA, Los Angeles, CA, April 1977.



2000I presented the paper on “Religious and Ethnic Conflict in Northern Nigeria” which is co-authored with James Kantiok. It was presented at the Academic Forum, GIAL, Dallas, TX, November 2000.
1993 1994 1997Lectures in Perspectives in World Christian Missions courses given in Austin, TX; Wichita, KA: 2 lectures in Houston, TX; College Station, TX, in 1989, 90; 3 lectures in Denver and Ft. Collins, CO, in 1992; 1 lecture in El Paso, TX, in 1993, 1 lecture in Dallas, TX, in 1994, 3 lectures in Houston, TX, 1997.

Articles (*Indicates peer reviewed articles)


Forthcoming“The Political Context of Religious Change Among the Bajju of Southern Zaria,” To be published in Nigeria. Forthcoming Review of New Religious Movements in Nigeria, edited by Rosalind I.J. Hackett, and Texts on Zulu Religion, Traditional Zulu Ideas About God, edited by Irving Hexham, Canadian Journal of African Studies.
2000Articles on “Shaman and Shamanism, Religious Typologies, and Primal Religions”. In the Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions, Baker Press.
1999Review of Invitation to Cross-Cultural Theology, Case Studies in Vernacular Theologies by William Dyrness, Zondervan. Notes on Anthropology 3(4):24-26.
1999Review of Telling Our Selves, Ethnicity and Discourse in Southwestern Alaska by Chase Hensel, Oxford University Press. Notes on Anthropology. 3(3):37-39.
1996“Oral Traditions: A Key to Understanding the Community.” Notes on Anthropology and Intercultural Community Work 24:1-11.
1996Review of Darwin on Trial, by Phillip Johnson, Notes on Anthropology and Intercultural Community Work 21:24-25.
1995Review of Fieldwork in Developing Countries, ed. by Stephen Devereux and John Hoddinott. Notes on Anthropology and Intercultural Community Work 18:41-43.
1994Review of Transculturation, by Daniel Shaw, Notes on Anthropology and Intercultural Community Work 13:40-41.
1994*“Conversion to Christianity, A Bajju Case Study,” Missiology XXII(2):147-165.
1992*“Wives and Sisters, Bajju Marital Patterns,” Ethnology xxxi(1):75-87.
1990*“Which Language: Trade or Minority?” Missiology XVIII(3):279-290.
1989Review of The Good Things in Life: A Study of the Traditional Religious Culture of the Yoruba People, by Roland Hallgren. American Anthropologist 91(1):217.
1987Review of Religion and Society in Central Africa; The BaKongo of Lower Zaire, by Wyatt MacGaffey. American Anthropologist 89(2):489.
1986*Carolyn Sargent, Carol McKinney, and Ron Wetherington, “Socioeconomic Status and the Incidence of Low Birthweight Among the Bariba of Benin,” East African Medical Journal 63(2):91098.
1986“Retention of Traditional Religious Beliefs by Bajju Christians,” Notes on Anthropology, Special Issue No. 1:58-66.
1985Review of Cherubim and Seraphim, The History of an African Independent Church, by J. Akinyele Omoyajowo. Canadian Journal of African Studies 19(1):247-249.
1983*“A Linguistic Shift in Kaje, Kagoro, and Katab Kinship Terminology,” Ethnology XXII:281-293.
1982Noss, Philip, ed., Grafting Old Rootstock, Carol V. McKinney, Volume Editor, Dallas: Summer Institute of Linguistics.
1981Review of The Cultural Context of Learning and Thinking, by Michael Cole, John Gay, Joseph A. Glick, and Donald W. Sharp. Notes on Linguistics. January.
1979McKinney, Carol V. and Norris P., “Instrumental Phonetics, an Aid to Better Orthographies,” Notes on Literacy.
1979“Plural Verb Roots in Kaje,” Afrika und Übersee LXII(2):107-117.
1976“Cultural Change and its Relation to Literacy,” Missiology IV(1):65-74.



ForthcomingA Taste of Anthropology for Field Linguists.
2000Globe Trotting in Sandals, A Field Guide to Cultural Research, 337pp. Dallas: Summer Institute of Linguistics.
1996Pike, Kenneth L., Gary F. Simons, Carol V. McKinney, and Donald A. Burquest, edited and introduced by Kurt R. Jankowsky. The Mystery of Culture Contacts, Historical Reconstruction, and Text Analysis, An Emic Approach. Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press. Japanese translation June 2000.

Professional Societies and Awards



Garry A. Weber Fellow, Southern Methodist University
1982/83Staff Scholarship, Summer Institute of Linguistics



American Anthropological Association
Society for Medical Anthropology (19 - 1994)
Association of Africanist Anthropologists

Community Service


Committee Service
2000-present: Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics: Academic Affairs Committee, Scholarship Committee
1989 -1993: Center Steering Committee, International Linguistics Center
1986-present: SIL International Personnel Committee

Board of Directors
1993-1995: Wycliffe Bible Translators, U.S. (First Alternate)