How do I audit a course?

In order to audit a course, an Audit Permission Form must be approved by the instructor and submitted to the Registrar’s Office before the end of the third day of class or before completing 10% of a course that meets on an irregular basis. Appropriate tuition and fee adjustments apply. Such changes may affect the student’s eligibility for financial aid. Audited courses do not qualify for financial aid. The number of auditors in any course may be limited, requiring approval of the Dean of Academic Affairs.

Auditors may participate in class discussions, submit written assignments, and take exams only at the invitation of the instructor. Audit students are not permitted to submit the final assignment. Students who desire to fully participate and engage in all instructional activities must register for credit. Additional requirements are placed on auditors at the sole discretion of the instructor who will communicate these requirements to the student when the instructor’s permission to audit is obtained.

Changes from audit status to credit or vice versa may be made only with the signed permission of the instructor on the Student Change Permit and must be made no later than the end of the third day of classes that meet on a regular basis or before completion of 10% of a course that meets on an irregular basis.