Financial Aid

While GIAL strives to keep tuition rates low, students who qualify may also receive financial aid in the form of GIAL scholarships. To apply for Financial Aid, you must first complete your GIAL Admissions application.  Then, you can fill out the Financial Aid Application online.  It must be submitted by April 1 for the Fall term (July – December) or October 1 for the Spring term (January – June). 

Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have completed your GIAL Admissions Application and have received your Student ID number. You can find this number on your personal Contact page on your Campus Café account.
  2. Refer to “What will it cost?” ( and “Net Price Calculator” ( to obtain estimated figures you can use while responding to the questions on the online Financial Aid Application.
  3. When ready, click the Apply for Financial Aid button:

Applicants applying for financial aid may wish to refer to the Financial Aid FAQs or contact the Financial Aid Administrator ( with questions.  All financial aid will be administered according to GIAL’s nondiscriminatory equal opportunity policy.

For several reasons, GIAL does not offer federal scholarships or student loans.  The US Department of Education has designated GIAL as an eligible institution for Federal Student Aid (FSA). As a result, students attending GIAL may receive deferments on FSA program loans and be eligible for the Lifetime Learning Scholarship tax credit on their federal taxes. However, although GIAL is designated as an “eligible” institution, it is not certified to participate in FSA programs like direct or campus-based loans or Federal Work-Study.

GIAL graduate level students are awarded financial aid on a term by term basis assuming the student continues to meet scholarship requirements.  Currently undergraduate students are eligible only for work study at GIAL.  For other possible financial aid opportunities, both graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to explore the Outside Scholarships document on our website. NOTE: Audited courses do not qualify for any kind of financial aid.

Qualifying for Financial Aid at GIAL

To qualify for financial aid from GIAL, students must maintain the following during their program of study:

a. Progress toward the completion of their program of study
b. 3.00 GPA or better, currently and cumulatively

If there are other requirements for specific scholarships in a student’s financial aid package, those requirements must be met each term in order to receive the amount of that scholarship.

All awards are to contribute only toward tuition expenses.

Scholarship recipients are responsible for meeting IRS requirements and obligations entailed by the receipt of scholarship funds. For any questions regarding the taxability and reporting requirements, please refer to IRS publication 970 “Tax Benefits for Education”. You can access the document online at

Financial Aid Applications are due by April 1 for the Fall term (July – December) or October 1 for the Spring term (January – June).

Follow these steps:

  1. First, make sure you have completed your application to GIAL and have your Student ID number. You can find this number on your personal Contact page on your Campus Café account.
  2. Refer to “What will it cost” ( and “Net Price Calculator” ( to get estimated figures to respond to the questions of “cost of your course by term (semester)” and “your estimated living expenses”. This is to help you respond to the “Estimated cost amount per term” and “How will you pay for your study program” questions asked on the online application.
  3. When ready you can click the Apply for Financial Aid button:

The Veterans Administration has approved GIAL to accept students who qualify for assistance under the GI Bill. If you are a Veteran, first of all, we honor you for your devotion to our country and offer you our sincere thanks for your service. If you desire to further your education in linguistics, World Arts, Applied Anthropology, Bible Translation, or related disciplines, you can take advantage of the VA benefits available to you as you pursue your educational goals at GIAL. You may get more information on VA benefits here.

Many scholarships are available through sources that are not related to GIAL. The following documents provide lists of potential scholarships. Students are invited to investigate these opportunities for themselves. GIAL does its best to keep these documents updated, but does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the information found at any of the links. These documents are provided for information purposes only. Inclusion does not constitute endorsement.