Financial Aid

While we strive to keep tuition rates low for all our students, many of our students also receive financial aid in the form of scholarships and work study.  Check the Financial Aid Guidelines for more information. The Financial Aid Application is due early, so be sure to make note of these dates.

Financial Aid Application Deadlines:

October 1 for students starting in the Spring term (January-June)
April 1 for students starting in the Fall term (July-December)

Many graduate level students are awarded financial aid for the full duration of their studies at GIAL.  There is just one financial aid application for both work study and scholarship opportunities but the application deadline is early.  Financial Aid applications are due by April 1 for the fall term and October 1 for the spring term.  Audited courses do not qualify for financial aid.

Students interested in applying for financial aid should read the Financial Aid Guidelines before completing the Financial Aid Application.  The following scholarships are available through this application.

The King’s Scholarship

The King’s Scholarship exists to encourage those who are facing financial needs, which could cause them to postpone their studies at GIAL or take a lighter load. Students will be asked to demonstrate financial need as part of the application.  The amount of scholarship awards will be based on student need, academic load, academic achievement and the availability of funds, but will not exceed 70% of anticipated tuition expenses.

The Townsend Scholarship

The Townsend Scholarship Fund (TSF) offers financial assistance to qualified GIAL students who have demonstrated a commitment to a career devoted to Bible translation. The amount of scholarship awards will be based on enrollment in a specific program at GIAL, academic load, academic achievement and the availability of funds, but will not exceed 50% of anticipated tuition expenses.

The International Students Scholarship

The International Students Scholarship is open to qualified international students enrolled in one of the programs at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics (GIAL). The amount of scholarship awards will be based on student need, academic load, academic achievement and the availability of funds and will usually be in the amount of $750 or less per term.

Work study is also available through the same financial aid application.  Students awarded work study are paid $10 an hour and may work up to 100 hours a term for a total income of $1,000.  Students interested in work study should complete the Financial Aid Application and the Inclination to Accept Work-Study form.  After being awarded work study, students have an opportunity to apply for a specific assignment from a list of available projects.  The projects often range from helping the recruiting office to working on research with a professor.

The Veterans Administration has approved GIAL to accept students who qualify for assistance under the GI Bill.  If you are a Veteran, first of all, we honor you for your devotion to our country and offer you our sincere thanks for your service.  If you desire to further your education in linguistics, Bible Translation, and related disciplines, you can take advantage of the VA benefits available to you as you pursue your educational goals at GIAL. You may get more information visiting our Veterans Benefits page or by contacting MarySue Tiffin, VA Certifying Officer for GIAL at

Non-GIAL Scholarship Resources

Many scholarships are available through sources that are not related to GIAL. This document provides a list of potential scholarships. Students are invited to investigate these opportunities for themselves. GIAL does its best to keep this list updated, but does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the information found at any of the links. This listing is provided for information purposes only. Inclusion does not constitute endorsement. 

What about Student Loans?

The US Department of Education has designated GIAL as an eligible institution for federal student aid (FSA). As a result, students attending GIAL may receive deferments on FSA program loans and be eligible for the Lifetime Learning Scholarship tax credit on their federal taxes. Although GIAL is designated an “eligible” institution, with the benefits cited above, it is not currently certified to participate in FSA programs like direct or campus-based loans or Federal Work-Study. GIAL does not currently offer federal scholarships or student loans.