The GIAL Grievance Policy

If a student has a complaint regarding the staff, faculty or administration of GIAL, the issue should be handled by following this grievance procedure:

  1. The student should first approach the particular person(s) with a view toward explanation or reconciliation. (Download the GIAL Dispute Filing/Resolution Form).
  2. If the student does not feel the concern has been resolved, the complaint should then be presented to the proper department head or supervisor.  The student must initiate this complaint within ten working days from the time the student knew or reasonably should have known about the unfair or unjust treatment. The department has five working days to seek resolution of the complaint.
  3. If the student still does not feel the concern has been resolved, then the student has the right to appeal the grievance in writing to the Dean of Students, giving the precise nature of the alleged improper treatment.
  4. The Dean of Students has the responsibility to investigate the complaint by interviewing the parties as necessary and gathering appropriate facts and sufficient information to determine validity of the concern. The Dean will then either deny the grievance or complaint or seek redress and will, within ten working days, report the same to the President and to the aggrieved party or complainant.
  5. If resolution is not reached through the Dean of Students, either party may request a hearing before a staff committee. The committee will investigate the situation and, within 15 working days, report its findings to the President together with a recommendation that no action is taken, that the accused individual be reprimanded verbally or in writing, that dismissal be initiated, or that any other necessary or reasonable action be taken.
  6. The decision of the President is final.

Contact information for filing student complaints with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board:

The web address for the rules governing student complaints — Title 19 of the Texas Administrative Code, Sections 1.110-1.120:$ext.ViewTAC?tac_view=5&ti=19&pt=1&ch=1&sch=E&r

For escalation of Veterans grievance issues please contact the Dean of Students, Meg Trihus, at (972) 708-7379 or