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Call Number Title Author/ Editor Series
220.046 T245i 2016 Interpreting apocalyptic literature Taylor, Richard A. Handbooks for Old Testament exegesis
220.09 M277b 2011 The book that made your world : how the Bible created the soul of Western civilization Mangalwadi, Vishal
220.5208 H747 2010 HCSB study Bible, Holman Christan Standard Bible : God’s word for life.
220.520834 N532 2008 NLT study Bible.
223.7077 A427t 2012 Translator’s notes on Proverbs 1-9 : helps on understanding and translating the book of Proverbs Allen, Larry Translator’s notes series
226.4077 T772n 2013 Translator’s notes on Luke 17-24 : helps on understanding and translating the Gospel of Luke edited by Helen Saint Kelly and Linda Neeley Translator’s notes series
226.6077 C518e 2017 An exegetical summary of Acts 1-14  Cheng, Belinda Exegetical summaries
227.91 R129t 2012 Translator’s notes on Philemon : helps on understanding and translating the letter from James Radke, Ron Translator’s notes series
228 P295i 2016 Interpreting Revelation and other apocalyptic literature : an exegetical handbook Pate, C. Marvin Handbooks for New Testament exegesis
242 K32i 1989 The imitation of Christ : a timeless classic for contemporary readers Thomas à Kempis ; [translated by] William C. Creasy
248 S759a 2018 Spirituality in mission : embracing the lifelong journey [edited by] John Amalraj, Geoffrey W. Hahn, William D. Taylor
248.4 H628L 2011 Livelifeonpurpose : God’s purpose, your life, one journey  Hickman, Claude
261.245 P414c 2017 Christian barriers to Jesus : conversations and questions from the Indian context Pennington, J. Paul
261.27 M987i 2018 Muslim conversions to Christ : a critique of Insider Movements in Islamic contexts edited by Ayman Ibrahim and Ant B. Greenham
261.52 M647s 2012 STS Handbook : Exploring Scripture through discussion listening and responding Miller, Dorothy A.
266. 00601 A365f 2018 For the Gospel’s sake : the rise of the Wycliffe Bible Translators and the Summer Institute of Linguistics  Aldridge, Boone Studies in the history of Christian missions
266 T253e 1999 Teaching them obedience in all things : equipping for the 21st century Edgar J. Elliston, editor Evangelical Missiological Society series ; no. 7
266 W926m 2000 Working together with God to shape the new millennium : opportunities and limitations Kenneth B. Mulholland and Gary Corwin, editors Evangelical Missiological Society series ; no. 8
266.001 H761m 1997 The Holy Spirit and mission dynamics C. Douglas McConnell, editor Evangelical Missiological Society series ; no. 5
266.00683 C277s 2001 Caring for the harvest force in the new millennium Tom A. Steffen, F. Douglas P. Pennoyer, eds. Evangelical Missiological Society series ; no. 9
266.00905 B565b 2003 Between past and future : Evangelical Mission entering the twenty-first century  Evangelical Missiological Society Evangelical Missiological Society series ; no. 10
299.5 N692a 2015 Asian folk religion and cultural interaction Nikaidō, Yoshihiro Global East Asia; volume 2
302.22440917 N174L 2005 Literacy & rural women Namtip Aksornkool
304.2 C968k 1982 Culture and ecology : eclectic perspectives edited by John G. Kennedy and Robert B. Edgerton Special publication of the American Anthropological Association ; no. 15
304.2 H945w 1981 Hunter-gatherer foraging strategies : ethnographic and archeological analyses edited by Bruce Winterhalder and Eric Alden Smith Prehistoric archeology and ecology
304.20959 E84r 1988 Ethnic diversity and the control of natural resources in Southeast Asia  edited by A. Terry Rambo, Kathleen Gillogly, and Karl L. Hutterer Michigan papers on South and Southeast Asia ; no. 32
305.800954 V461d 2004 Development and ethnocide : colonial practices in the Andaman Islands  Venkateswar, Sita Document / IWGIA, no. 111
305.8961 H859d 1979 Demography of the Dobe !Kung Howell, Nancy Population and social structure
305.89921 F363t 1972 Tasaday Fernandez, Carlos A. PANAMIN Foundation research series ; no. 1
306.364 K29f 1995 The foraging spectrum : diversity in hunter-gatherer lifeways Kelly, Robert L.
306.6099571 H236s 2010 Schism and Christianity : Bible translation and the social organization of denominationalism in the Waria Valley, Papua New Guinea Handman, Courtney
322.4209599 K39h 1979 The Huk rebellion : a study of peasant revolt in the Philippines Kerkvliet, Benedict J.
333.7509599 O59d 1987 Depletion of the forest resources in the Philippines Ooi, Jin-Bee Field report series, no. 18
401.93 S724h 2018 Sources of variation in first language acquisition : languages, contexts, and learners edited by Maya Hickmann, Edy Veneziano and Harriet Jisa Trends in language acquisition research, volume 22
409.54 L287h 2016 The languages and linguistics of South Asia : a comprehensive guide edited by Hans Henrich Hock, Elena Bashir World of Linguistics ; volume 7
411 D186a 2018 An exploration of writing Daniels, Peter T.
411 D536d 2014 Dialogue on dialect standardization edited by Carrie Dyck, Tania Granadillo, Keren Rice, Jorge Emilio Rosés Labrada
415 S993k vol.1 2015 Syntax-theory and analysis : an international handbook edited by Tibor Kiss, Artemis Alexiadou Handbooks of Linguistics and Communication Science ; vol. 42
415.0182 M689r 2009 Modeling ungrammaticality in Optimality Theory edited by Curt Rice and Sylvia Blaho Advances in optimality theory
415.6 M689k 2005 Modality : studies in form and function edited by Alex Klinge and Henrik Høeg Müller
415.6 V511a 2017 Verb valency changes : theoretical and typological perspectives edited by Albert Álvarez González and Ía Navarro Typological studies in language, volume 120
415.9 U55b 2015 Understanding allomorphy : perspectives from Optimality Theory edited by Eulàlia Bonet, Maria-Rosa Lloret and Joan Mascaró Advances in Optimality Theory
418.02 T772j 2017 Translation in transition : Between cognition, computing and technology  edited by Arnt Lykke Jakobsen, Bartolomé Mesa-Lao Benjamins translation library (BTL), 133
423.1 W874c 1943 Clement Wood’s Unabridged rhyming dictionary Wood, Clement
447.9698 B168i 1982 Isle de France creole : affinities and origins Baker, Philip
491.5556 S127c 2016 Complex predicates in modern Persian : a functional characterization Saeedi, Zari
495.111019 R287w 1999 Reading Chinese Script : a cognitive analysis edited by Jian Wang, Albrecht W. Inhoff, Hsuan-chih Chen
495.9182421 B395ti 1998 Thai for intermediate learners Becker, Benjawan Poomsan
495.9182421 B395tr 2000 Thai for advanced readers Becker, Benjawan Poomsan
495.9183421 S473t 2003 Thai Smyth, David
496.3385 D665a 1988 The Akan (Twi-Fante) language : its sound systems and tonal structure Dolphyne, Florence Abena
499.12 L287p 2018 The languages and linguistics of the New Guinea area : a comprehensive guide edited by Bill Palmer The world of linguistics ; volume 4
519.536 A177i 1982 Interpreting and using regression Achen, Christopher H. Sage university papers. Quantitative applications in the social sciences ; no. 07-029
519.536 B534m 1985 Multiple regression in practice Berry, William Dale Sage university papers series. Quantitative applications in the social sciences ; no. 07-050
709.6751 M598m 1995 Mbuti design : paintings by Pygmy women of the Ituri forest Meurant, Georges
780. 9519 K98m 2012 Music in Korea : experiencing music, expressing culture Kwon, Donna Lee Global music series
780.896872 S541m 2006 Mariachi music in America : experiencing music, expressing culture Sheehy, Daniel Edward Global music series
780.8997 D537n 2008 Native American music in eastern North America : experiencing music, expressing culture Diamond, Beverley Global music series
780.9 M651w 2017 World music : a global journey Miller, Terry E.
780.9417 H356m 2004 Music in Ireland : experiencing music, expressing culture  Hast, Dorothea E. Global music series
780.952 W119m 2005 Music in Japan : experiencing music, expressing culture Wade, Bonnie C. Global music series
780.96 N738r 2016 Reinstating traditional music in contemporary contexts : reminiscences of a nonagenarian’s lifelong encounters with the musical traditions of Africa Nketia, J. H. Kwabena
780.9729 M823m 2010 Music in the Hispanic Caribbean : experiencing music, expressing culture Moore, Robin D. Global music series
780.972983 D849c 2004 Carnival music in Trinidad : experiencing music, expressing culture Dudley, Shannon Global music series
780.973 R457m 2005 Music in America : experiencing music, expressing culture Reyes, Adelaida Global music series
781 A752w 2016 What in the world is music? Arnold, Alison E.
782.42166 U89c 2018 U2 and the religious impulse : take me higher  edited by Scott Calhoun
959.904 F931k 1991 From Marcos to Aquino : local perspectives on political transition in the Philippines edited by Benedict J. Kerkvliet and Resil B. Mojares
959.91 F946h 1983 A history of the Mountain Province Fry, Howard Tyrrell
990 T595a 1973 Aspects of Pacific ethnohistory Tippett, Alan R.