Registrar Forms

If you do not see the form you need or are not sure which form you need, please do not hesitate to contact the GIAL Registrar at 972-708-7536 or, or visit our GIAL forms page to view all available forms. Note: Fill-in forms may have to be downloaded and opened in Adobe Reader to be fillable.

Registrar forms

Please return completed forms to the GIAL Registrar (

Form NumberNameLast Modified
3110-01cGIAL Dispute Filing/Resolution 02-03-2016
3130-01cTranscript Request Form 09-30-2016
3130-02cStudent Change Permit 10-13-2017
3130-03cEnrollment Verification Request 10-11-2012
3130-04cName or Address Change Form 10-11-2012
3130-08cPetition to Recognize Credit for the Certificate in Applied Linguistics 04-19-2017
3130-11cAudit Permission Form 04-19-2013
3130-12cIndependent Study Permission Form 10-11-2012
3130-13cLeave of Absence Form 03-31-2017
3130-21cFERPA Request to Withhold Directory Information 09-22-2015


Other Academic Forms

Please return completed forms to the Academic Dean (

Form NumberNameLast Modified
2220Academic Petition 10-25-2017
2250Grad Packet for MA - Thesis 06-29-2018
2253Thesis Proposal 03-29-2018
2260Grad Packet for MA - Non-Thesis 05-08-2018
2270Grad Packet for BA 05-08-2018
2301Intended Plan of Study - Applied Linguistics 03-06-2018
2302Petition to Write a Thesis 03-29-2018
2351Intended Plan of Study-AC-AS-Abrahamic Worldviews 08-31-2017
2352Intended Plan of Study-AC-AS-Islamic Worldviews 08-31-2017
2401aIntended Plan of Study - AA Literacy 08-11-2016
2401bIntended Plan of Study - AA Language Survey 08-11-2016
2401cIntended Plan of Study - AA Sociolinguistics 12-07-2017
2401dIntended Plan of Study - AA Scripture Engagement 08-11-2016
2401fIntended Plan of Study - AA Islamic Worldviews 08-10-2016
2451Intended Plan of Study - WA Applied Arts 12-14-2017
2452Intended Plan of Study - WA Arts and Islam 12-14-2017
2453Intended Plan of Study - WA Arts and Scripture Engagement 12-14-2017
2454Intended Plan of Study-WA-Linguistics 12-13-2017
2501cIntended Plan of Study - BA in International Service 09-13-2016