David A. Ross

President Emeritus

David Ross
Email: david_ross@gial.edu
Phone: (972) 708-7340

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About Our President

As president, David enjoys leading by coming alongside staff, faculty, and students to enable them to accomplish their goals. His cheerful spirit, humble demeanor, and faithful dedication reveal his love for GIAL both as an institution and as individuals. As a representative of GIAL, David demonstrates not only the school’s professionalism but also its passionate, motivated spirit. He loves interacting with people, likes doing new things, and enjoys creativity. Both experienced and approachable, David exemplifies the servant-leadership GIAL cherishes.

David’s experiences have undoubtedly equipped and positioned him to serve effectively as president of GIAL. After earning both an undergraduate and graduate degree in New Zealand, David came to the United States to complete his Doctorate in Civil Engineering. He then taught for five years as a professor at the University of Akron in Ohio. Following his service there, David spent eleven years in Asia as a Bible translator. During his furloughs, he also worked on a Masters in Linguistics at the University of Texas at Arlington. Returning to the United States, he completed his degree as well as the translation on which he had been working. Then, David joined the Texas-SIL administration as associate director, later becoming the director. Finally, when GIAL was established, he transitioned into another new role as GIAL’s president. Since its founding, David has led the school with passion and vision, desiring to provide an effective training ground to raise up qualified cross-cultural workers.

Other Interesting Facts

David’s hobbies include hiking, reading, painting, sketching, and fishing.

David loves being by the ocean, especially on the beaches of New Zealand, where he grew up.

If he could travel somewhere he has never been before, David would like to go to Israel.

David has three children—one daughter in Kenya serving in the medical field, one son in Houston working as a civil engineer, and one son who is an aeronautical engineer in Wichita.