Doug Tiffin


About Doug

As Dean of Academics, Doug bears responsibility for GIAL’s academic program and accreditation. Overseeing the faculty and developing the curriculum, he helps ensure that the instruction GIAL provides remains aligned with its educational goals and mission statement. In turn, his efforts secure the school’s recognition as an accredited institution. Enjoying his many responsibilities, Doug values both the challenge and variety of his work as well as the eternal impact it has on the lives of GIAL students. He plays a critical role in the school’s continued ability to offer quality cross-cultural training.

Through education and ministry experience, God equipped Doug excellently for his position as Dean of Academics. Having earned undergraduate degrees in both Economics and Religious Studies, Doug attended Dallas Theological Seminary to complete his Masters in Church Ministry. Upon graduation, he returned to Canada, where he grew up, to serve as pastor of a church plant in Ontario. Doug remained there for thirteen years, shepherding a growing church body and also helping to plant a daughter church. Following this ministry, he became the senior pastor of Grant Memorial Baptist Church in Winnipeg, where he served for seven years. During this time, Doug also became heavily involved in various other ministries including a counseling center, a senior housing ministry, and the school affiliated with his church. Having become interested in moving south, Doug then accepted a position as senior pastor at Crossroads Bible Church in San Jose, California. After serving there for four years, he moved back to Dallas to work with RSI, a company involved in fundraising for churches and parishes. Three years later, when offered a position at GIAL, Doug became the school’s Director of Development. After only two years, he began assuming additional responsibilities, eventually transitioning into his current role. An experienced leader, Doug continues to skillfully serve the GIAL family as Dean of Academics.

Other Interesting Facts

Doug loves traveling. He has visited Israel, Mexico, Grenada, the Philippines, Kenya, Thailand, England, most of the 50 US states, and 10 Canadian provinces.

His favorite travel experience was a water safari at low tide in the Indian Ocean near Malindi, Kenya. As they walked through the shallow waters, the guide identified a variety of marine life that the untrained eye would seldom see.

He also enjoys home renovation, having built five houses and renovated four others.

Doug encourages students to make sure they are doing something that will have long term significance. Significance is far more important than financial success or public recognition.