GIAL does not own or operate any student accommodations. Several options are available to GIAL students on or near the campus.  This listing of housing options is provided solely as a service to GIAL students and does not constitute recommendation or endorsement of the listed accommodations.

International Linguistics Center (ILC) Housing options:
  • Guest House (Dorm)
  • ILC Apartments (no pets)
  • Mobile Homes (limited number available)
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7500 W. Camp Wisdom Road
Dallas, TX  75236
(972) 708-7426
Email:  housing_dallas@sil.org

Estimated Cost of On-Campus Housing
Guest House (includes 1 meal/day excluding holidays and weekends)

Weekly rate (if staying 7 days or more):
          $23.15/night for shared rooms
          $30/night for private/single rooms

Monthly rate:
          $350/month for shared rooms
          $500/month for single rooms

Estimated living expenses per term (not including housing or transportation) ........ $800 - $1,200

View more detailed information for the Guest House

Other housing options near the campus include:
Austin Bluff Apartment Homes
, 7070 W. Camp Wisdom Rd., 972-907-9878
Ridge Parc,
 6969 Clarkridge Dr., 972-572-6801
Rosemont at Bluff Ridge,
 8125 Clark Rd., 972-709-9790

Arrangements for room and board charges should be made directly with the organization or party providing these services.

To view other housing options near GIAL on our Facebook page:  (NOT GIAL owned or operated.)
1.      Go to www.facebook.com/gial.page.
2.       “Like” the page.
3.       Click on “Housing Options” in the menu under our profile picture.

For tuition and fee information see Admissions-Financial information.
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