Student Success

I. Placement:

In the 2016-17 academic year, 100% of our graduating students indicated they planned on:

  • Leaving for field assignment – 46%
  • Continuing preparation for field assignment – 27%
  • Working or teaching in North America – 27%

II. Completion Rate:

As of the end of 2017, 482 graduate students have declared their intention to complete an MA degree since the founding of the school in 1999. 69% (332 students) have successfully accomplished their stated intentions by completing an MA degree at GIAL within ten years. 51% of all declared GIAL MA students have completed the MA degree within five years. Unlike many schools where students complete their educational program without a significant break, our students often begin studies at GIAL and then serve oversees for three to five years before returning to continue study. Others complete their course work and then serve overseas while gathering primary data to be used in a graduate thesis. As a result, our students often take longer than the minimum of two years to complete our MA degree.

III. Acceptance into Doctoral programs:

In the past five years (2011-2016) we are aware of eight MA graduates who have applied and been accepted into doctoral programs. We are aware of only one of our graduates who has applied to a doctoral program in this five year span who has not been accepted into some doctoral program. 89% of those who have applied to a doctoral program within the past five years have been accepted.  Schools accepting our graduates into doctoral programs include:  Colorado State University, Hebrew University (Israel), Jackson State University (Tennessee), James Cook University (Australia), Oxford University (England), Ohio State University, University of the Free State (South Africa), and University of Texas Arlington