Tuition & Fees

Tuition an fees are published each year in the GIAL catalog. GIAL strives to keep tuition and fees to a minimum but reserves the right to change them at any time without notice. For help estimating your specific tuition and fees, check out our Net Price Calculator or view our What will it cost? page.

Note: The tuition rates below are effective through the Summer 2015 term. You can view rates for Fall 2015 through Summer 2016 in the current catalog.

Tuition & Fees for 2014-2015

Undergraduate-level courses $290 per credit hour
Graduate-level courses (including AL5406 and AL5207) $440 per credit hour
Audit courses (Undergraduate-level courses) $260 per credit hour
Audit courses (Graduate-level courses) $350 per credit hour

General Fees

Application fee (non-refundable) $50
Late application fee $50
International Student Application Fee (in addition to regular application fee) $50
Course materials fee (not applicable to online or thesis credits) (non-refundable) $10 per credit hour
Learning Resources fee (non-refundable) Policy #225 $20 per credit hour
Registration fee $30
Multiple payment fee (each payment after the first payment) $30

Additional Fees

Language consultant for course AA4505 $150
Language consultant for courses AL4406 & AL5406 $180
Language consultant for course AL5317 $120
Distance Education Fee $50 per online course
Research registration fee (non-refundable) $30
Graduation fee (non-refundable) Policy #227 $80
Thesis-Binding fee for 2 copies (non-refundable) Policy #230 $60
Transcript fee (official/per copy) $5